Dine-And-Dash Suspect Pepper Sprays Manager

The manager of Toscano Cafe & Wine Bar in downtown San Diego thinks the guy who pepper sprayed him and ran out on his $100 tab, is capable of much more. Newly released surveillance video of the incident June 6, shows the suspect changes his cloths multiple times to disguise his appearance. The manager of Toscano is suspicious of any person so comfortable with evading capture.

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Police Arrest Man In Food Court Pepper Spray Incident
Police have arrested a 19-year-old man who they say sprayed a crowd with pepper spray at the Arden Fair Mall food court in Vacaville, Ca. Juan Pantoja was arrested in connection with the crime, and officials also released surveillance footage of the incident. The footage is what helped police catch the suspect, they say.
Moore Police Use Tasers and Pepper Spray on Suspects
Police in Moore arrest two men at a motel for possession of drugs after tasing them and spraying them with pepper spray.
Police Search for Would-Be Robber Who Pepper Sprayed Pa. Store Manager
State police in Greensburg, Pa., are searching for the man who wore a ski mask to a local grocery store and pepper sprayed the store manager who confronted him.
Man Gets Three Years in Jail For Restaurant Dine and Dash
A man who reportedly skipped out on paying for several meals received a three-year prison sentence after he refused to pay his bill at an Illinois Alamo Steak House.
Pepper Spray Fights Break Out in Malls
In two separate incidents, fights that broke out in two California malls escalated to the use of pepper spray. Bystanders were exposed to the potentially harmful spray in both incidents.
RAW VIDEO: Woman Beaten On Bus After Pepper Spraying Suspect
RAW VIDEO: Shocking video footage shows a man getting pepper-sprayed after spitting on a woman and then assaulting her on the back of a bus. Tensions between the two escalated as the couple went from arguing to attacking each other.
Serial Dine-and-Dash Thief Strikes Again
Police arrested 46-year-old Andrew Palmer on Sunday night. According to court records, Palmer has been arrested almost 100 times for dining and not paying, costing area restaurants tens of thousands of dollars.
Police: Shoplifter Pepper Sprays Crowd Over Boots in Maryland
Officers said a manager of the Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse inside the mall in Anne Arundel County, confronted Cierra Scott as she tried to walk out with a stolen pair of boots, and that's when Scott started using pepper spray.
Pepper-Spraying Cop Seeks Workers Comp From UC Davis
The former police officer who pepper-sprayed students during an Occupy protest at the University of California, Davis is appealing for worker's compensation, claiming he suffered psychiatric injury from the 2011 confrontation.
Police: Mom Tells Child to Pepper Spray Store Employees
A mom is kicked out of a Family Dollar store in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania for an alleged earlier theft. Upset, police say, she then pepper sprays employees and tells her seven-year-old daughter to join in! Femi Redwood has more.
VIDEO: Man Accused in Pepper Spray Attack Faces Judge
A Burlington man accused in a pepper spray attack that injured two children is charged with three counts of assault and disorderly conduct.
Elementary Student Unleashes Pepper Spray On School
Several students were injured Wednesday morning when pepper spray was somehow dispensed at a Long Island elementary school, according to police. Police were called to Northern Parkway School in Uniondale just about 11 a.m. on reports that pepper spray was sprayed in the basement of the school. Reports indicate an entire classroom was affected.

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