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Why Discussing Salary In The Workplace Could Negatively Impact Your Career
Over half of U.S. employees say they are either explicitly prohibited or strongly discouraged from discussing their salary with coworkers. Is this pay secrecy in the best interest of employees? If not, why are salaries such a secret in the workplace?

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  • Harvard Law School Grads Top Salary Survey

    Harvard lawyers are the most well-paid mid-career graduates while Ashford University master’s degree students are the lowest. WSJ's Joe Barrett and Simon Constable discuss.

  • Retire Earlier Than Your Friends on the Same Salary

    While you may think early retirement is only available to those with big incomes, it's not the income that matters.

  • How to Evaluate a Charity for Donation: CEO Salary

    Lindsey Struck from Charity Navigator shares ways to evaluate a CEO's pay at charities.

  • Liberal Arts Salaries Are a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    It's no secret that recent graduates with degrees in the liberal arts are out-earned by most of their classmates. But in the long run, they catch up to at least some of their peers. Melissa Korn reports on the News Hub. Photo: Getty Images.

  • Doubling McDonald's Salaries Would Cause Your Big Mac to Cost 68 Cents More

    Doubling the salaries and benefits of all McDonald's employees would cause the price of a Big Mac to increase just 68 cents, from $3.99 to $4.67, University of Kansas research assistant Arnobio Morelix told HuffPost.

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  • How To Negotiate A Salary

    Lulu and Danny join Caitlyn to discuss why it's important to know how to negotiate a salary, and to offer tips to those who are unfamiliar.

  • Six-Figure Salary, No Bachelor's Degree Required

    It's possible to earn a six figure salary without earning a bachelor's degree first. MarketWatch's Quentin Fottrell joins Lunch Break with a look at the top five best-paid jobs, no bachelor's required.

  • How to Answer the Salary Question

    Learn how to answer the salary question with expert Nicole Williams.

  • How to Negotiate a Salary

    Learn how to negotiate a salary without putting the job offer in jeopardy.

  • Should You Tell Co-Workers Your Salary?

    It's one of the last taboos of workplace chatter: discussing with your colleagues how much you earn. That may be changing as more millennials challenge the taboo. Lauren Weber reports.

  • How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

    Most workers want more money, but not everyone knows how to ask for it. Negotiating salary is a delicate process that can really pay off or, if done poorly, can backfire. We asked employers for their best tips for negotiating higher salaries. Start your career search:

  • How To Negotiate A Higher Salary, from Alexa von Tobel

    Founder and CEO of, Alexa von Tobel, stresses the importance of negotiating your salary, and tells us how to do it effectively. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

  • What Is Your Desired Salary? From Tory Johnson

    Often you will find yourself facing the dreaded question: "How much is your expected salary?" career expert Tory Johnson helps you tackle the issue.

  • You Can Save A Full Year’s Salary With These Tips

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  • Girls' Night Out: Salaries

    This week, the girls and I talked about our salaries. We asked ourselves, why do so many women shy away from negotiating with their employers? In discussing the question, we were lucky to have the expert opinion of Susan L. Hirshman, author of "Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?: A Woman's Guide to Finding Financial Empowerment and Success."

  • Negotiating a Salary, from Suze Orman

    Suze Orman responds to a question about salary negotiation in a surprising, shrewdly intelligent, and hugely motivating way.

  • How to Become a Pilot: Pilot Salaries

    Learn what kind of pilot salary you can expect to earn after you finish flight school and become a pilot. Expert: Josh Kallenberg

  • Negotiating Salary During a Job Interview

    Robyn Feldberg: Regarding salary negotiation, my tip is don't bring salary up too soon. If you're pressed early on in the interview process to give a salary figure that you want, try to keep a wide range, because you don't want to start negotiating until you've had an opportunity to sell yourself for the job.