Quiznos Looks Toast as Bankruptcy Looms for Sandwich Chain

Quiznos was given one week last Friday in order to reach an agreement on its debt and it looks like bankruptcy is looming. The Denver-based sandwich chain had 5,000 stores at its height and now has less than a thousand.

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  • Floundering Quiznos Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Outpaced by competitors Subway and Jimmy John's, the sub shop will continue operations while cutting debt and implementing recovery policies.

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  • Committee For Unsecured Creditors Appointed In Detroit Bankruptcy

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  • Detroit, Creditors Lay Groundwork For Fight Over Bankruptcy Plan

    Detroit claimed on Wednesday that its plan to adjust its debt and exit bankruptcy is feasible and fair to creditors, but a bond insurance company contended the plan calls for "historic levels of discrimination" among creditors. Bruce Bennett, a Jones Day attorney representing Detroit, wrapped up his three-hour opening statement by disputing arguments from creditors who claim the city's plan to adjust its $18 billion in debt is inadequate and should be scrapped.

  • Sbarro Says It Exited Bankruptcy Protection

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  • Caesars' Operating Unit Files for Bankruptcy, but Venue Unclear

    The operating unit of Caesars Entertainment Corp, the largest U.S. casino company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday to implement its plan to cut $10 billion of debt, but faced an immediate challenge over where the case should proceed.The company said it has the support of its senior noteholders to implement the plan, which will reduce the operating unit's debt to $8.6 billion from $18.4 billion.

  • Breakfast Sales Heat Up at Fast-Food Chains McDonald's and Taco Bell

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