What We Get Wrong About Ending Poverty

"It will be impossible to overcome poverty if we do not eradicate the plague of everyday violence that is both a cause and effect of it," writes Gary Haugen, CEO of the International Justice Mission. He joins us live to discuss 'The Locust Effect.'

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80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment
Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.
Is Tech Key to Solving Poverty?
Colombia's Technology Minister Diego Molano has ambitions plans to create a nationwide fiber optic network which he says is the key to creating opportunities for the country's poor. Ruben Ramirez reports from Bogota.
Defining Poverty In America
Full Segment: As the poverty rate increases, identifying where ends actually meet and choosing a definition for poverty that everyone can agree on has become increasingly trickier.
From Poverty to Prosperity
This video from ReasonTV shows you an interview with Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz about the book From Poverty to Prosperity.
How to Fight Global Poverty
We need a mix of government, private and voluntary sectors, Sachs says. More Jeffrey Sachs videos are here: http://www.bigthink.com/user/jeffrey-sachs
The Facts of Global Poverty
Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein, explains the facts of global poverty.
How to Reduce Poverty in the Developing World
Jagdish Bhagwati, professor of economics at Columbia University and senior fellow in International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses how to reduce poverty in the developing world.
The Connection Between Legal Structures and Economic Growth
Economic freedom around the world continues to increase, though there are notable cases of decline, including the United States. James Gwartney and Robert Lawson will discuss those cases, describe trends in economic reform and present new findings on the effect of economic freedom and global poverty reduction. In this segment, Gwartney explains that economic growth is dependent on sound legal structures.
Kick Off: Mark Shriver - How To Thrive When You're Trying To Survive
The middle class is slipping into poverty. How can they possibly worry about the poor when they're afraid of becoming impoverished themselves? Joining the conversation are Mark Kennedy Shriver, Nick Fish and Tom Nelson.
Lunchtime Live -- How Do We Solve The Crappy Jobs Crisis?
Our panelists talk about the rise in part-time and temp jobs, and what they think will curb the trend.
Brazil's Economic Transformation
While the world has been transfixed by the astonishing economic growth in China and India, just out of the spotlight Brazil has been turning a once moribund economy into a juggernaut. Not so long ago you could watch the inflation rate tick higher by the hour in Brazil, unemployment grew just as quickly and the nation was in the grip of a military dictatorship. Despite all this, Brazilians have remained optimistic. With momentum building, tens of millions are being winched out of poverty.
Why Tax Should Fund Development
Colman discusses how tax can help fund development. Taxation can be used as a means to finance efforts to reduce global poverty. In his view, all countries must increase their aid budgets and provide more foreign aid to help fund development.

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