Time Value of Money

Time Value of Money

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Time Value of Money
Time Value of Money
What is the Time Value of Money
Kevin McCormally explains the time value of money and how to use this concept to your advantage.
5 Tips to Raise Your Car's Resale Value
Proven ways to get the most money for your used car.
How to Estimate Value of Clothing For IRS Deductions - TurboTax Tax Tips
http://turbotax.intuit.com How should you estimate your clothing donations for IRS deductions? When you donate clothing to a charity you are eligible to receive a tax deduction for each clothing donation. Learn how to estimate and report the value of your clothing donation as a deduction to help you save money on your tax bill. Discover It’s Deductible®, a special clothing tax deduction tool from TurboTax.
Why Using Big Bills Saves You Money
Carrying around small bills encourages you to spend more. Here’s why.
How to Sell Your Car for More Money
When the time comes to sell your car, make sure you're getting what it's worth.
How to Calculate Net Present Value
Net present value is the difference between an initial cost outlay and the present value of expected cash flow.
How to Find The Best Values in Public Universities
Learn how to find the best values in public universities from Kiplinger's Jane Clark. This video features North Carolina, Florida, the New College of Florida, Virginia, and William & Mary.
How to Find the Best Values in Liberal Arts Colleges
Learn how to find the best values in liberal arts colleges from Kiplinger's Jane Clark. In this video she highlights three schools: 1. Pomona, 2. Washington & Lee, and 3. Swarthmore.
People Who Have Sex At Least 4 Times A Week Make More Money
The next time you consider using the headache excuse to avoid getting busy, think about this: It pays to have more sex. Literally, new research finds.
Money and Happiness: Conversations
Laura Rowley speaks with Harvard economist David Laibson about why people value today over the future, or why people spend now rather than making financial decisions about tomorrow.
How to Grade and Value Pearls
There is certain criteria that you should take into consideration when purchasing pearl jewelry. In this video, WatchMojo finds out all you need-to-know to find the perfect pearls.

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