The Widening Wage Gap Between Men and Women

How much would you like to make at work? There's a widening wage gap! Find out why and what needs to be done to change it.

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The percentage of women who have asked for more money in the past year has remained steady, but 84% of women who asked for a raise last year received one, up from 75% in 2013, said Linda Descano, CEO of Women & Co. Descano also said the Citigroup and LinkedIn sponsored 'Today's Professional Woman Report' showed that men are more likely than women to equate career satisfaction with a 'good salary' by a 58% to 52% margin.
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How to Negotiate a Higher Salary
Most workers want more money, but not everyone knows how to ask for it. Negotiating salary is a delicate process that can really pay off or, if done poorly, can backfire. We asked employers for their best tips for negotiating higher salaries. Start your career search:

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