The State of the Cruise Line Industry, as Seen by Norwegian's CEO

The cruise line industry is notoriously price competitive. Travel websites such as Orbitz, Priceline, and TripAdvisor do their best jobs at getting hot deals on cruise-based vacations to consumers. However, the cruise line industry is not without its history, consisting of travel agents that work hand and glove with consumers to book once in a lifetime vacations or the typical seasonal travel experience.

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  • How Norwegian Cruise Line’s CEO Is Preparing for the Future

    It's summertime, and that means families are gearing up for vacations to faraway lands. How they are likely to arrive to their destinations? Cruise lines! The cruise ships of today are starting to evolve compared those unveiled five, ten years ago. From celebrity-inspired chef restaurants on board to headline-grabbing personalities used for entertainment purposes, cruise ships are doing their best to thieve market share from land-based vacations.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line CEO on Why the European Market Is Hot

    It looks like Americans, more than their European counterparts are all about taking cruise vacations. A recent poll says approximately 24% of the U.S. population has been on a cruise-based vacation, that's compared to a mere 3% of the European population. But, the percentage of Europeans opting for cruises is on the rise from its low level as Europeans realize the value inherent to an all-inclusive vacation package.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line’s Upgraded Amenities Help Boost Earnings

    Norwegian Cruise Line's second quarter demonstrated that the company's investments in new ships and fleet modernization are paying dividends. Adjusted earnings per share came in at $0.58, $0.01 above Wall Street expectations. The result represented the seventh consecutive quarter in which Norwegian Cruise Line surpassed consensus earnings expectations. Net revenue growth clocked in at 18.9% year over year, below consensus estimates for 23.7% growth, marking the fifth straight quarter that Norw

  • Staying Small Fuels Norwegian Cruise Line's Growth

    Kevin Sheehan, president and chief executive of Norwegian says,Norwegian Cruise Line is just fine with third place. In the cruise industry, big can be downright awful financially. The third-largest cruise operator has a diminutive fleet,just 13 ships, with two more on order that helps keep the focus on holding the line on prices.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Says Gambling on the High Seas Is Strong

    Norwegian Cruise Line's CEO Kevin Sheehan says the company is continuing to see an increase in its gambling revenue onboard its' ships. It is a trend the company has seen continue to gain in popularity over the past six years. Norwegian’s onboard revenue yield increased by roughly 32%, aided by its casino operations.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Buys Prestige for $3B, Adding Luxury Brands

    Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings said it will buy Prestige Cruises, parent of Oceania and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, for more than $3 billion in cash and stock.

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines CEO Talks On-Board Experience

    Norwegian Cruise Lines is focused solely on one brand and the company's CEO says that helps it stay the course and improve and differentiate the on-board experience. Norwegian posted solid results over the past year and that performance is expected to continue as it tries to focus on price improvement and margin expansion.

  • Bullish Calls for ComScore and Norwegian Cruise

    Bullish starts and restarts for comScore (SCOR) and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLN) but a downgrade for Priceline PCLN) in Tuesday's Analysts' Actions.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Closing of IPO

    Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) (the "Company" and together with NCL Corporation Ltd., "Norwegian"), today announced the closing of its previously announced initial public offering of 27,058,824 of its ordinary shares at a price of $19.00 per share. The number of shares sold includes 3,529,412 shares sold as a result of the full exercise by the underwriters of their option to purchase additional shares.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Launch of IPO

    Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and NCL Corporation announced today the launch of Norwegian's IPO of 23,529,412 ordinary shares pursuant to a registration statement on Form S-1 filed with the SEC. Norwegian will grant the underwriters a 30-day option to purchase an aggregate of up to 3,529,412 additional ordinary shares.

  • Norwegian Cruises to Expand Its Fleet in Europe

    Miami-based Norwegian Cruises will reportedly add a fifth ship to its European fleet in the summer of 2017. The expansion highlights the growth of the cruise industry in Europe, which has nearly quadrupled in the past 20 years. The company also announced Tuesday on Twitter that the Norwegian Getaway, a 3,969-passenger vessel that is usually based in Miami, will be relocated to Copenhagen for eight-and nine-night voyages from May to October. The Getaway is the the company's second-newest ship.

  • Norwegian Breaks Away

    Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Kevin Sheehan isn't worried about over capacity in cruise ships, his latest ship the Breakaway is cutting edge.

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