Tesla Stock Falls Despite Earnings Beat

Tesla took it on the chin when it reported earnings. Better-than-expected on the top and bottom line. But its second quarter outlook kept the stock going in reverse- adding to recent pain. S&P Capital IQ's Efraim Levy has a neutral rating on Tesla:

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    Higher interest rates won't cause shares of General Motors or Ford to stall in 2014, says Efraim Levy, Equity Analyst at S&P Capital IQ. However, he does caution that Tesla's stock is overvalued heading into the new year.

  • Pickups Drive June Auto Sales

    Pickup trucks are powering automakers and higher interest rates are not yet impacting affordability, says S&P Capital IQ analyst Efraim Levy.

  • Car Sales Stop Short of Estimates in July

    June was a hard act to follow for auto sales. Sales at Ford and Chrysler rose 11 percent from a year ago, GM sales rose 16 percent. All three posted their best month since 2006, though ambitious expectations were for even more. Demand for higher priced and higher profit margin pickup trucks remained strong for a second straight month. Efraim Levy of S&P Capital IQ says that's thanks to the housing boom.

  • Macy's Ready to Rebound

    Happy holidays from Macy's. The department store operator - which also owns Bloomingdale's - forecast higher same-store sales growth in the holiday quarter. The key reason: it's boosting online services. S&P Captial IQ's Efraim Levy:

  • Tired Europe Won't Slow Ford

    S&P Capital IQ auto analyst Efraim Levy says Ford's growth in the U.S. and China will offset weak European sales.

  • Consumer Reports' Yield Signal on Tesla

    Tesla's youthful glow, a little dimmer as it ages, after Consumer Reports gave its Model S a surprisingly critical review. A shocking change from a year ago, when it got one of the best ratings ever given to a car, 99 out of a possible 100. They bought the electric car to test- and a year later problems are cropping up. They include smaller issues like problems with the automatic retracting door handles, and bigger issues like the center screen going blank.

  • S&P Capital IQ Names Best Bond ETFs for 2014

    Stick with short-term, low duration bond ETFs in 2014 like the iShares Floating Rate fund and the SPDR Short Term High Yield fund, says Todd Rosenbluth, Senior Director at S&P Capital IQ.

  • Facebook Earnings Put Smile on Investors Faces

    Facebook's stellar results - putting a big smile on investors faces. The stock hitting record highs in after hours trading. Shares have nearly tripled over the last year. Earnings per share of 42 cents beating forecasts, as did revenues up a whopping 61 percent. The key metric: they are making more revenue per user says- S&P Capital IQ's Scott Kessler:

  • Jim Cramer on Citigroup Settlement, Tesla Leasing and Alcoa Earnings

    TheStreet's Jim Cramer says the stock market is having a "fulcrum" day with bad news. Citigroup's settlement is more negative news for banks, but if banks hold up, the largest component of the S&P 500 can do OK. Cramer is also watching Tesla after it was slammed by Barclays, saying the stock has peaked.

  • Tesla Earnings Beat Expectations, Stock Wobbles

    Tesla Motors beat analysts' estimates for the second quarter, earning 11 cents per adjusted share compared to the expected 4 cents. The stock was trading for $223. The electric car maker reported adjusted income of $16 million, but lost $61.9 million on an unadjusted basis. That compares to a net loss of $30.5 million for the same quarter last year.

  • Tesla Earnings

    Tesla reports earnings after the close today and with the stock down 30%, there might be a temptation to get caught up in how closely the company comes to Wall Street’s forecasts for the quarter. According to the analysts tracked by Yahoo Finance, Those predictions are looking for $700 million in revenue, up 24% from last year, and earnings of 10 cents a share.

  • Recall Hasn't Hurt GM Sales - CEO

    Old GM hurt the new GM. The massive recalls of millions of cars slammed General Motor's results in the latest quarter, as earnings slid 88 percent. But the automaker managed to eke out a profit and boost sales. And CEO Mary Barra said GM hasn't seen what she called a "meaningful impact" from the negative image stemming from the recalls.

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