Teacher Arrested For Serving Pot-Laced Food At Potluck

Teresa Gilmete Badger, an 18-year teaching veteran, was arrested Friday for serving a pot-laced dish to colleagues back in Nov.

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Teen Faces Deportation For Selling Pot Brownies To Save Up For Prom Dress
The teenager who was arrested for selling marijuana-laced brownies to classmates to raise money for a prom dress, is facing possible further punishment. Saira Munoz, 19, was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail on drug charges earlier this week; but with time already served, she did not have to go back to jail.
Police Chief Admitted to Hospital After Eating Pot-Laced Cake
An Ohio police chief took an unexpected trip to the hospital after eating a “special” piece of cake laced with marijuana.
Students Serve Pot Brownies to Unsuspecting Classmates
Two students at the University of Colorado-Boulder brought marijuana-laced brownies for a last day of class celebration.
Candy Heiress Jacqueline Badger Mars Charged In Fatal Car Crash
Authorities in northern Virginia say Jacqueline Badger Mars, an owner of the candy company Mars Inc., will face a reckless driving misdemeanor charge in a fatal crash.
Police: Man Who Had Camera Laced to Shoes Arrested
Orlando police said they arrested a man who had cameras laced to his tennis shoes.
Teen Who Sold Pot Brownies to Buy a Prom Dress May Be Deported
A girl who was arrested for selling marijuana laced brownies to classmates in order to raise money for a prom dress is facing possible further punishment. Saira Munoz, 19, was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail on drug charges and could also face deportation.
Police Confiscate 66 Pot Plants From Middle School Teacher
Police in Michigan have arrested a middle school teacher, accusing him of possessing 66 pot plants at a pot growing operation. He faces up to 7 years behind bars if he is convicted on the drug charges.
12-Year-Old Arrested For Bringing Pot Brownies to School
A 12-year-old has been arrested for bringing pot-laced brownies to school. Three children had to be transported to the hospital after eating the brownies.
Police Warn Parents of Drug-Laced Candy Sold at School
Parents in suburban Chicago were put on alert after officials confirmed a student was passing out drug-laced candy at a high school, but students say it is old news.
First-Grade Teacher Charged With DUI, Possession of 'Large' Amount of Pot
An Indiana elementary school teacher was drunk and had “a large amount of suspected marijuana” in her SUV when officers arrested her early Sunday morning, police say. According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, police were dispatched after a crash around 9:15 a.m. Sunday. They later stopped the driver as she tried to leave the scene. IMPD identified the driver as Megan Brotherton, 32, an elementary school teacher at Pleasant Run Elementary School in Warren Townshi
Students Arrested for Giving Pot Brownies to Class
University students are arrested for giving pot brownies to professor and other students. Recently, two University of Colorado students were arrested after they admitted to police that they put marijuana into brownies and then gave them to their professor and other students. 19-year-old Mary Essa and 21-year-old Thomas Cunningham allegedly baked brownies laced with THC for their class for a special “bring food day”.No one else knew there was marijuana in the brownies.
Laced Heroin Linked to 27 Deaths
Officials say a batch of laced heroin is linked to at least five overdose deaths in New York and twenty-two in Pennsylvania.

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