Teacher Arrested For Serving Pot-Laced Food At Potluck

Teresa Gilmete Badger, an 18-year teaching veteran, was arrested Friday for serving a pot-laced dish to colleagues back in Nov.

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    A girl who was arrested for selling marijuana laced brownies to classmates in order to raise money for a prom dress is facing possible further punishment. Saira Munoz, 19, was sentenced to four years probation and nine days in jail on drug charges and could also face deportation.

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    A 12-year-old has been arrested for bringing pot-laced brownies to school. Three children had to be transported to the hospital after eating the brownies.

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  • First-Grade Teacher Charged With DUI, Possession of 'Large' Amount of Pot

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  • Students Arrested for Giving Pot Brownies to Class

    University students are arrested for giving pot brownies to professor and other students. Recently, two University of Colorado students were arrested after they admitted to police that they put marijuana into brownies and then gave them to their professor and other students. 19-year-old Mary Essa and 21-year-old Thomas Cunningham allegedly baked brownies laced with THC for their class for a special “bring food day”.No one else knew there was marijuana in the brownies.

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