Where Should 'Abenomics' Go Next?

How do you see Abenomics and its future?

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It Will Take More Than Abenomics to Boost Japan Inc
(SOUNDBITE) (English) REUTERS REPORTER, TARA JOSEPH, SAYING: "Is Abenomics boosting the profits of Japan's big brand names? Well, Toyota's expected to get a lift from a weaker yen when it reports on
Japan Exports a Report Card For 'Abenomics'
(SOUNDBITE) (English) REUTERS REPORTER, JON GORDON, SAYING: "A busy trading week ahead across Asia. For a look at what's most important let's get to Reuters Breakingviews columnist Andy Mukherjee in
What Risks to Japan's Abenomics?
Japan's cabinet is voting on the next stage of Abenomics - the prime minister's programme of economic reforms. But are there any risks to the programme?
Abenomics Gets An A- Grade From The Inside
At a Japan Society forum today in New York, a deputy to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggested that the third “arrow” of his economic rejuvenation policies, the reform element or “growth strategy,” be given an A- grade to date. The granularity was of help to a foreign audience, although skepticism about the overall Japanese recovery is growing as the latest GDP numbers showed a tailing off.
Asia Week Ahead - Abenomics Reaching Its Limits?
(SOUNDBITE) (English) REUTERS ASIA ECONOMICS & MARKETS EDITOR, WAYNE ARNOLD, SAYING: "Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is headed to Myanmar on the weekend for a little trip and he'll be talking
Still Early for 'Abenomics', Japan
Drew Edwards, Portfolio Manager for the ARI Global Value Fund, says 'Abenomics' is here to stay, and also names his favorite Japanese stocks.
Reuters Asks: What's the Secret to Japan's Long Term Success?
What's the most important thing to revive Japan's economy?
With 'Abenomics,' the Proof Is in the Spending
Abenomics is seen as the miracle cure for Japan Inc's bottom line. And as results season kicks into high gear, market watchers will be looking for signs of improvement. An earnings boost from a weaker yen practically a given, they'll want to see Japan's companies are opening their wallets again.
Breakingviews: Trade Miss Won't Sink Abenomics
"As part of the U.S. pivot to Asia, Andy, President Barack Obama in Tokyo last week. Now he did more than eat sushi, obviously, with Prime Minister Abe, but they didn't pull off a trade deal. Is this a big miss for Abenomics?"
Abenomics Wins Over Bank of Japan Skeptic
Peterson Institute's Posen Turns Bullish on Japanse monetary policy.
Lessons For Europe from 'Abenomics'?
French President Francois Hollande meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, as part of a three day state visit. It comes at an interesting time for Japan's economy, which saw the yen mark its biggest one day climb against the dollar in three years on Thursday. That highlights the fragility of Abe's aggressive fiscal and monetary policies, dubbed "Abenomics" which are aimed at reviving the country's sluggish economy by encouraging a weaker yen.
Lingerie and Lunch: Abenomics' New Frontiers
Meet the "Bra-nomics" - the latest business venture looking to cash in on the buzz surrounding Japan's prime minister. "They make your chest grow 2%, just like the recovering economy!" The thing is, they're not even for sale. The company designed this racy underwear just to boost its corporate profile. It's one example of a common marketing tactic called "binjo shoho" in Japan - literally, 'jumping on the bandwagon.'

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