Where Should 'Abenomics' Go Next?

How do you see Abenomics and its future?

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    A landslide victory for Japan's premier and Abenomics is going to stay.

  • Risks To 'Abenomics' Growing, Whether Japan PM Raises Tax Or Not

    If history is a guide, a string of disappointing economic reports in Japan would seem to argue against raising the country’s sales tax again. But the risks for “Abenomics” are increasing whatever Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decides to do. A recovery in the world’s third-biggest economy is faltering, despite Abe’s massive monetary easing and government spending over the past 21 months, and Japan may already be sliding into recession just as Abe must decide whether to raise the tax once again.

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    Japan's cabinet is voting on the next stage of Abenomics - the prime minister's programme of economic reforms. But are there any risks to the programme?

  • Abenomics Gets An A- Grade From The Inside

    At a Japan Society forum today in New York, a deputy to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggested that the third “arrow” of his economic rejuvenation policies, the reform element or “growth strategy,” be given an A- grade to date. The granularity was of help to a foreign audience, although skepticism about the overall Japanese recovery is growing as the latest GDP numbers showed a tailing off.

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  • Investors to Watch Abenomics Closely in 2015

    Japanese stocks held in sway by Abenomics in 2014. The Nikkei average slumped for the first half of this year as investors started to lose faith in Prime Minister Abe's cocktail of radical economic policies. Things only started to change in the second half. That's when the market started to gain momentum on media reports that Japan's public pension fund would boost its allocation of domestic stocks.

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