Protests Block Traffic Around EU Summit Venue

Demonstrators blocked traffic in central Brussels to protest EU austerity measures and the ongoing free trade agreement negotiations with the United States, hours before the bloc's 28 leaders were due to attend a European Council summit. The demonstrations and blockades were organized by Alliance D19-20 which includes trade unions, farmers and different European groups mainly protesting budget cuts and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the U.S.

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President Obama Attends EU Summit on Transatlantic Trade
President Obama comes to Brussels for the first time for an EU-US summit to jump-start negotiations on transatlantic trade that could boost European exports to the U.S. in several categories, notably cars. The summit will also cover foreign and security policy, cooperation on energy security and rebuilding trust after revelations about U.S. surveillance programs.
Reuters Summit: Seek Cyclical Plays in Fast-Growing Asia
(SOUNDBITE) (English) REUTERS REPORTER, TARA JOSEPH, SAYING: "Looking at the story du jour - which really could be the story of the century - and Chinese economic reforms, how confident are you that
Activists Protest Against Russia's Human Rights Record Ahead of EU-Putin Talks
Human rights activists demonstrated outside the European Commission in Brussels on Monday (January 27), demanding the European Union to make Russia's human rights record a central part of an upcoming meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin expected to take place on Tuesday. Chanting "Human rights are no game" and "Free speech, free love, free Russia", some two hundred demonstrators protested outside the EU Council building, the venue of tomorrow's EU-Russia summit.
European Shares Climb Ahead of EU Summit
The European Union does lots of things. But being a 27-nation institution, it doesn't do them quickly. EU leaders meet in Brussels later this week for their 4th summit this year, and 22nd "crisis
Tax Trumps EU Summit Agenda
They were supposed to discuss energy - instead European leaders put their energy into tax avoidance - more importantly how to combat it. It's estimated the EU loses around a trillion euros a year through tax avasion. Investigations in Britain, France and the US have revealed how companies like Google, Amazon and now Apple have been paying very little tax by carefully structuring their European operations.
Paris Urged Not to Block Trade EU-U.S. Talks
EU trade ministers gather in Luxembourg to hash out the scope of free trade talks with the United States. There's just one problem - France doesn't want to play ball, unless its film and television industry is excluded from any future deal. Irish Trade Minister Richard Bruton is chairing the talks.
The EU Summit to Help Euro Debt
European Union leaders agreed to aid struggling banks. But if the EU's fund lends at 3%, and banks borrow at 6%, how does that help sovereign debt? Vincent Cignarella discusses on Markets Hub. Photo: Reuters.
Do EU/US Russia Sanctions Have Teeth?
Calling on European leaders to stop talking and start acting. These Ukrainian protesters say EU sanctions imposed on Russia aren't enough. The Crimea crisis and conflict between Kiev and Moscow was the central issue at a two-day EU summit. European Council President Herman van Rompuy said the EU will work to reduce its reliance on Russian energy.
Reuters: Deutsche Fires Three New York Forex Traders
Sources are telling Reuters, Deutsche Bank has fired three New York-based currency traders, in the latest sign that a probe over alleged manipulation of foreign exchange markets is gathering steam. According to the source, Diego Moraiz, Robert Wallden and Christopher Fahy were terminated by the bank, which told trading floor staff of the development on Tuesday. The terminations come as authorities around the world, including Britain's Financial Conduct Authority and the U.S.
China's Xi Wins EU Pledge To Consider Free-Trade Deal
Chinese President Xi Jinping won a promise from the European Union on Monday to consider a multi-billion-dollar free-trade deal with his country, a long-held goal for Beijing which divides Europe. Xi, the first Chinese leader to visit the EU institutions in Brussels since ties were established in 1975, pressed senior EU officials to consider such a pact, despite European concerns that Chinese state-owned firms flout international trade rules.
Kiev Protesters Gather, EU Dangles Aid Promise
Anti-government protesters return to central Kiev Thursday, rebuilding barricades torn down by police, as the European Union holds out the promise of more aid if Ukraine signs a trade pact. In Brussels, Ukraine's First Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov held talks with top EU officials to discuss the trade pact that Ukraine backed away from -- provoking a political crisis.
Europe & U.S. Stocks Fall, Earnings & EU Summit in Focus
10/19/12 European stocks and U.S. stocks were in the red Friday morning following an array of earnings, an ongoing EU summit, and a lack of progress towards a Spanish bailout.

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