Nike Ends Manchester United Kit Deal

They've been a match made in heaven for over thirteen years. But now Nike and Manchester United are heading for a divorce. The question now is what will replace the iconic tick now the red shirts are up for grabs? Adidas will be one that's sure to be waiting on the sidelines. But with Manchester United looking for nearly DOUBLE what it previously asked for, it's not certain who will want to sign up next.

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  • Nike's Profit Rises On Strong Sales In North America, Europe

    Sports wear maker Nike Inc., reported a rise in quarterly profit, helped by strong sales of its apparel and footwear in North America and Western Europe. The company's net income from continuing operations rose to $698 million, or 78 cents per share, in the fourth quarter ended May 31 from $690 million, or 76 cents per share, a year earlier. Revenue from continuing operations rose 13 percent to $7.43 billion, excluding the impact of currency fluctuations.

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  • World Cup Costs Will Weigh on Nike's Quarterly Results

    How much will expenses related to the World Cup weigh on Nike's earnings? Nike is expected to report fourth-quarter and full year earnings after the markets close on Thursday.

  • Quietly, Nike Is Winning From Global Hoopla Over Fiery World Cup Games

    No matter which country or soccer team you are cheering for at the inflamed World Cup, one name is already winning: Nike, the world’s leading designer and maker of athletic footwear, sports apparel and equipment. Nike has prepared way ahead for the expected upsurge in demand for its products by spending in its most recent quarter some $2.4 billion, or 33% of sales — reflecting a 36% increase in “demand creation expenses” related to the World Cup.

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