McDonald's New 'Happy' Mascot Dubbed McScary on Social Media

McDonald's restaurant chain says its new 'Happy' mascot will bring 'fun and excitement' to its children's meals, but social media contend the toothy, red box-shaped character will have the opposite effect.

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New McDonald's Mascot 'Happy’ Joins Long Roster of Pitch Creatures
McDonald's new mascot "Happy" earned heaps of social media scorn this week, but where does "Happy" fall in the history of corporate pitch-creatures? From the Geico Gecko to Mr. Clean, we break down the various categories of fictional brand mascots.
McDonald's New Mascot Goes Viral But for All the Wrong Reasons
McDonald's has unveiled its brand new mascot, Happy, modeled off the Happy Meal box and charged with the mission of encouraging kids to eat fruits and vegetables.
McDonalds' Creepy New Mascot: What Were They Thinking?
McDonald's new mascot — a lunchbox with teeth — is supposed to motivate kids to eat healthy foods.
Ronald McDonald Gets Makeover, Cargo Pants
The McDonald's Corporation mascot got a new look and will soon have a social media presence to help the brand stay modern.
Ronald McDonald Gets A Makeover, Takes On Twitter
McDonald's announced on Wednesday that the company's 51-year-old spokesperson is getting a makeover which will transform the burger-chain's famous clown in to a modern day mascot. Not only is Ronald getting a new look, but the notable spokesclown will also take an active role in McDonald's social media for the first time, using the hashtag #ronaldmcdonald.
As Alibaba Basked In Attention, Shares In Its Social Media Arm Weibo Tanked Yesterday
Alibaba Group, China’s biggest e-commerce company, basked in the attention of potential new investors around the world yesterday, May 6th, that were awaiting the details of its IPO prospectus that finally came out after the close of U.S. stock trade. Existing owners of shares in Weibo, China’s Twitter TWTR -2.89%-equivalent whose backers include Alibaba, didn’t have such a great day. Investors bid the price of Weibo’s Nasdaq-listed stock down by 6% from last Friday.
McDonald's Looking To Protect Its Morning Share With New Breakfast Pastries?
In an attempt to consolidate its breakfast segment, McDonald’s Corporation is testing new breakfast pastries at its outlets in San Diego. The items, known as Petite Pastries, are available in raspberry and cinnamon cheese cream variants, and cost $1.99 – a price point most customers are comfortable spending for their breakfast. McDonald’s decision to test breakfast pastries also resonates well with the company’s attempt to put a greater emphasis on coffee .
McDonald's Sales Miss As Fewer Customers Visit Its Restaurants
McDonald's reported weaker-than-expected quarterly revenue as fewer customers ate at its restaurants, partly due to severe winter weather in the United States. The fast-food chain also reported a 0.1 percent decline in global sales at established restaurants in the fourth quarter ended December 31. McDonald's shares fell nearly 1 percent in premarket trading.
Company Mascots Head to Facebook and Twitter
Advertising characters and icons are making a comeback, thanks to social media, as marketers find that consumers engage with the characters on Facebook. Suzanne Vranica has details on Lunch Break. Photo: Aflac
Twitter To Release More Ways to Measure Its Influence With Q2 Results
Twitter plans to release four new metrics in its second quarter to give investors a better idea of its media presence. Despite growing revenue current metrics backfired for the company with the social media giants slow active user growth. Twitter is looking for numbers outside of its active users to other social networking sites, news websites and TV channels that embed Tweets. Twitter reported earlier this year that timeline views declined. Twitter's lagging user growth has scared investors wit
Investors Send Twitter Up 11.4% Following Gnip News, Adding $2.7B To Its Market Cap
Twitter had a massive day in the markets, soaring more than11 percent following news this morning that it has acquired Gnip . Gnip is a company that supports firms with access to social media information streams. The data provider became well known by being a Twitter partner that could underpin the latter’s “firehose” of tweets to companies willing to pay for access. Twitter closed yesterday at $40.87 and today at $45.52.
Undercover Ambush at McDonald's Reveals 3 Glaring Problems
McDonald's is struggling mightily despite what long lines in its stores and flashy TV ads might indicate. Belus Capital Advisors' Brian Sozzi uncovers three issues plaguing McDonald's stores during a recent undercover visit. Sozzi finds an overwhelming menu, long lines, and a lack of social buzz disturbing, and possibly key reasons why McDonald's has been reporting poor comparable store sales.

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