Making 401ks Work for Retirement

Plan design features such as auto-enroll and auto-escalate, as well as default options and managed account solutions are helping investors get what they need out of their 401k plans.

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Retirement Planning: How Are Fee Disclosures Impacting Your 401k?
Bob Guillocheau, President and CEO of Ascensus Inc., discusses retirement solutions his organization provides and how issues such as fee disclosures are impacting employee 401k plans.
Is an Advisor the Best Boost for Your 401K?
A new study from Financial Engines finds that those planning for retirement are better off using an advisor than navigating retirement funds on their own. Does paying more get you more down the road? Financial Engines CEO Jeffrey Maggioncalda discusses. Photo: Getty.
401K Plans: How Much Should You Be Investing In Them?
Our country is in crisis when it comes to current and future retirees. Employee contribution plans are putting the risk on the individual, and the strain has become visible. Guest Shiyah Koh gives us some 401K plan contribution tips.
4 Mistakes to Avoid to Protect Your 401K
Pete the Planner at Fox 59 talks about some of the most common mistakes people make regarding their 401K and how you can avoid them and maintain your retirement savings.
What Is a 401k?
A 401(k) or 401k is a company retirement savings account that offers tax and savings benefits. Learn more about the 401k plan with Wall Street Survivor.
Tips to Finetune Your 401K
If you want to retire in five years or less it may be time to adjust your investing strategy. MarketWatch's Andrea Coombes discusses tips on how to improve your 401(k) plan.
How Much You're Paying for Your 401K
If you've got a 401K or other retirement plan, you might be paying huge fees.
The Truth About Cashing Out Your 401K
Personal finance expert Suze Orman tells us all you need to know about your 401K on this clip from Mondays With Marlo on
Woman Who Made Six Figures Is Now Homeless
The director of the Center For Retirement Research says most people haven't saved enough money for retirement, "not even people who have put away $1 million." If a million isn't enough, what's the magic number? We talk with a woman who made six figures, had a 401K, and ended up homeless.
Suze Orman's Advice: Should I Contribute To My 401K?
Got money issues? America's financial guru Suze Orman is live in our studio answering whether or not it's a good idea to contribute to your 401K.
Suze Orman on Borrowing from Your 401k Plan
Should you or shouldn't you? Suze answers this one in her patented no-nonsense style.
The Pros and Cons of Converting Your 401k to a Roth IRA
IRA Expert Ed Slott explores the plusses and minuses of converting a 401(k) to a Roth 401(k) or a Roth IRA.

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