Justin Wolfers on Spending for Happiness

University of Michigan economist Justin Wolfers explains how best to spend your money to maximize happiness.

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What's the Cost of Your Happiness?
We all spend on frivolous things whether it be shoes, bags, gadgets, concert tickets, but is spending hard earned cash on these material items a bad idea? AOL Personal Finance Expert and LearnVest.com Founder and CEO Alexa Von Tobel breaks down the way spending on your happiness could actually be a good investment. For more advice from Alexa, visit AOL.com
When Money Buys Happiness
There's an old expression: Money can't buy happiness. But is that always true?
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Financial expert and retirement counselor Rick Rodgers explains how shopping around the holidays can impact your retirement accounts.
6 Steps to Keep Your Holiday Spending in Check
Financial advice expert Pamela Yellen provides tips to make sure your budget stays balanced during holiday shopping season.
Who Spends More On Father's Day: Men Or Women?
A new survey suggests that men outspend women 2 to 1 on Father's Day. But what exactly do dads want? Many want to just have the weekend off and spend some time golfing, so maybe a golf-related gift would work. Just spending time with dad on Father's Day can be memorable too, according to some fathers around the country.
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Wells Fargo financial expert Barbara Shaw discusses how to properly monitor your spending and savings.
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Kiplinger's Andrea Browne offers practical advice on what to do with an extra $1,000.
Prom Spending Hits Four Figures
Parents and teens are spending over a thousand dollars and more on prom, prompting Visa to create a prom budgeting app.
How to Stop Spending Money for 30 Days
Go a month without spending money; you'll be amazed at how much you can save!
Why Wealth Really Can't Buy Happiness
Money, as we know, can lead to its fair share of woes. Sure, cash is king. It can buy organic food, the best schools and superior medical care. But some people believe money sucks. A bad attitude towards money won't help you get rich. In fact, it could make you poor! A Tom Corley study found that 98 percent of the poor are unhappy due to finances, compared to about 82 percent of the wealthy who claim happiness.
When Should You Spend More on Purchases?
It's not always a good idea to save a buck or two, especially when it'll cost you more down the road.

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