Jaffe's Advice to Graduates Entering the Real World

What advice would you impart on this year’s college graduating class? MarketWatch’s Chuck Jaffe has a daughter making the leap from the campus to the real world, and his latest column is both a graduation speech and a blueprint for adulthood.

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Michael Margolis on Learning Work Ethic After Graduating College
In Chapter 4 of 17 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, educator and entrepreneur Michael Margolis answers "Where Did You Learn Your Work Ethic?" Margolis notes he did not develop a hard work ethic until after graduating college, when he knew he had to find work and decided to create jobs and businesses to make an impact. He finds motivation in the process of proving to himself and others his work is meaningful. Margolis notes how he Michael Margolis is founder and president of Get Storied.
Why the Class of 2018 Will Be Better Off
As unemployment rates decline, college graduates are increasingly in a better position to find jobs than their earlier peers. Quentin Fottrell reports on the News Hub.
Career Advice for College Students: Follow the 'Three-Time Rule'
College students come home for the holidays with weeks to relax and enjoy their friends and family. But when the holidays end, reality hits: the job search must begin. How can students successfully find a summer internship or entry level job?
The College Checklist for Relocating After College for Work
Many of this spring’s college graduates will soon be off to take jobs in new cities. While finding a place to live might be first on a grad’s to-do list, it’s just one of many things he or she should think about when beginning this next chapter. Lindsey Gellman reports. Photo: AP.
5 Tips for Getting Your First Job After Graduation
Kim Keating and Dr. Mindy Levy, contributing authors of "Lean In for Graduates," share how to be successful in your first interviews after college.
How to Prepare for a Layoff
A layoff can be a scary thing to face but with some planning, you can try to make it manageable, Chuck Jaffe discusses on Markets Hub. Photo: Getty Images.
How College Graduates Can Navigate the Job Market
You've just graduated...now what? Listen to these professionals give you some helpful tips on navigating a tough job market. Start your career search: http://aol.careerbuilder.com/?siteid=cbaol_vd
What Graduation Won't Tell You
Charles Wheelan checks in on Mean Street with some advice for the Class of 2012: pay very close attention, because there are key things you need to know that you won't learn by simply donning a cap and gown. Photo: AP.
Celebrity Commencement Speech Words of Wisdom
Successful people are often asked to deliver a university or college's graduation speech, Here are some words of wisdom offered in commencement speeches over the last few years from President Obama, Conan O'Brien, Hillary Clinton, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Carter.
Conrad Doucette on Making the Most of Your First Job After College
In Chapter 11 of 17 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, musician and digital strategist Conrad Doucette answers "What Did You Learn in Your First Job After College That is Still Relevant Today?" After graduating college and starting an entry-level job, Doucette learns how to work as part of a team, get along with others, and operate as an employee in a corporate hierarchy structure. He finds these people skills of long-term value in his career. Conrad Doucette is a Brooklyn musician.
Colleges Asked to Prove Post-Grad Career Success
Colleges, under increased pressure to justify the cost of education, are having a hard time getting proof of graduates' success in finding well-paying jobs. Melissa Korn reports on Lunch Break. Photo: Erica Gannett for The Wall Street Journal.
Why You Should Seek Advice from Entry Level Hires
In Chapter 14 of 19 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, social media ad agency CEO Mike Germano notes the valuable advice he gets from speaking with entry-level hires, typically recent college graduates, who have worked less than a year at the company. This helps him stay connected and focus on the little things shaping company culture, mission, and values. Mike Germano is co-founder and CEO of DUMBO, Brooklyn based social media advertising agency Carrot Creative.

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