How to Help Lawyers Manage Their Finances

Corporate lawyers have some distinct financial needs. Here are a few of them.

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In Chapter 12 of 13 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, technology entrepreneur Idan Cohen answers "What Has Working With Lawyers Taught You About Business?" While he respects lawyers, Cohen still has a hard time with the worst-case scenario mindset lawyers bring. He understands the need for safety but, as an entrepreneur, he also understands you can't achieve certain things without taking chances. He shares how lawyers are not alone offering a protective mindset and shares an example.
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In Chapter 14 of 18 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, real estate developer Brett Goldman answers "What Has Working With Lawyers Taught You About Business?" Dealing with lawyers with lawsuits, foreclosures, and other real estate events teaches Goldman the importance of presenting ideas and concerns in as black and white a way as possible. This provides a clear point of view that allows for more easily negotiated settlements and keeps the issues out of the courtroom.
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After quitting his job as a corporate attorney, one man decided to pursue his dream as a Lego sculptor. INSIDE EDITION has the story.
Top Bankruptcy Lawyer Moonlights as Energy Healer
Kenneth Klee literally wrote the book on U.S. bankruptcy law. But when he's not busy restructuring corporate debt, you can find him restructuring chakras at his home energy-healing practice. WSJ's Michael Corkery reports.
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Become a lawyer with these tips and have a career as a legal eagle.
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