How to Choose and Work With a Financial Adviser

Here are a few tips on how to choose and work with a financial adviser.

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Divorce can be complicated and expensive. Here's how financial advisers can help make it easier.
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There's still a shortage of female financial advisers. Here's how some firms are recruiting and keeping more women.
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Here are some tips for financial advisers who are looking to gain media attention.
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Clients may tell (or forget to tell) their adviser the whole truth about their financial situation. Here's a look at why they're not coming clean and why it matters.
Financial Crisis Left Advisers Shellshocked
A new study says that during the financial crisis of 2008 and in its aftermath 93% of adviser wrestled with post-traumatic stress disorder. Pat Graham, news editor of Wealth Management at, discusses how the anxiety and shock affected their investment decisions.
Young Advisers Build Businesses With Acquisitions
With an aging financial advisory population, it's likely more young financial advisers will acquire advisory firms. But they do face hurdles, a competitive environment and difficulty raising capital among them.
Adviser Pursuits: A Pole Vaulting Adviser
Some prospects are surprised to learn that financial adviser Mark Cortazzo pole vaults but he's says its helped him win business and become a better adviser.
Security Risks For The Wealthy And Their Advisers
There are security risks financial advisers and their wealthy clients need to be consider. Plus, a look at robots. Wealth Adviser at's Veronica Dagher reports.
Regulators Focus On Reverse Churning By Advisers
Regulators plan to ferret out financial advisers who put clients in fee-based accounts that are inappropriate, says Dan Nathan, a partner at law firm Morrison & Foerster in Washington, D.C. Advisers can take steps to help them avoid scrutiny, he says.
Millennials Offer Opportunity for Advisers
The millennial generation will control a tremendous amount of wealth in the near future, and financial advisers who don't reach out may be left behind, says Adam Thurgood, managing director and partner with HighTower Las Vegas.
Advisers Are Still Cautious on Money-Market Funds
Many financial advisers learned to be cautious about money funds in 2008, and have remained so. They're likely to remain cautious at least until rates rise and they're paid to take on more risk.
Hedge-Fund Ads Raise Concerns Among Advisers
Regulators have lifted the ban on ads by hedge funds and firms offering private investments, and financial advisers fear it could prompt investors to chase performance. Daisy Maxey of discusses these concerns with Andrew Altfest of Altfest Personal Wealth Management.

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