Hayden Flour Mills and the Return of Ancient Grains

An almost-century old family farm sits on the outskirts of Phoenix where asphalt and suburbs yield to dirt roads and fields.

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Retail Earnings in Spotlight, but Volume and Volatility Are Key
Volume and volatility were at record low levels again this week, leaving traders scratching their heads and wondering what's the catalyst to being it back. TheStreet’s Jill Malandrino and Nicole Urken preview the week ahead and where investors will be focused. Economic data is light as is the earnings calendar, but the key will once again be retail stocks and the strength of consumer spend.
The Farm Barge Takes Manhattan
Erik Andrus and his crew stop at farmers’ markets on their homemade sailing barge. At each market, they unload produce from North Country farmers to demonstrate that connecting market-goers to local food needn’t be done by land, or by expending fossil fuels.
Dow Hits 17,000 Milestone On Jobs Report to Muted Reaction
The Dow finally hit the 17,000 mark at the open today, after flirting with the milestone for the past two sessions. Good news from the jobs front gave stocks a nudge higher but traders appeared cautious given speculation this new data will give the Federal Reserve reason to raise interest rates sooner than expected. The much anticipated Jobs Report from the Labor Department showed U.S. companies created 288-thousand jobs in June.
A Crossroads in Independent Cinema
The director James Gray and others on what the conversion from film to digital means for independent theatres, as exemplified by the Fairview Cinema 3 in Hudson, New York.
Catalytic Philanthropy Aids Unbanked in India and Africa
The next billion people in India are more likely to have phones than bank accounts.
Gary Vaynerchuk on the Purity of Capitalism
Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and best-selling author of "Jab, Jab, Jab Right-Hook," specializing in social media and marketing. Here he talks to Will Cain in the first edition of 'The Cain Conversation.' He discusses patience, capitalism, and innovation.
Northern Trust: Take Yellen at Word But Don't Stretch for Yield
Take Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen at her word and expect low interest rates for quite some time, said Katie Nixon, Chief Investment Officer for Wealth Management at Northern Trust. Nixon said she does not advise stretching too far for yield, or take excessive risk, as a result of the Fed's financial repression.
Hebron Brick: From Clay to Skyscrapers
In North Dakota, one company has withstood wars and recessions to keep creating the cornerstones of our construction culture.
Five World Cup Economies on the Decline: Russia
Russia’s lukewarm prospects this World Cup and its rising tension with neighbors such as Ukraine reflect a bit of an uncertain time for the country within Europe. Few see the Russian team as much of a threat to advance far in the World Cup and former Soviet satellite states such as Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are either ranked ahead of the country in current FIFA/Coca-Cola world rankings, or have more feared lineups.
Changing Lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia
New Ravenna is making high end mosaic tile in the most unexpected place -- the economically depressed eastern shore of VIrginia.
A Father's Lesson Inspires Groundbreaking Company: The Preserve Story
Eric Hudson's father helped make things in the USA. Today, his son is continuing his legacy and charting a whole new path in the meantime.
At Work, Hours Don't Always Equal Productivity
In certain countries, working more hours doesn't always mean producing more. See how America's workplace productivity stacks up against six other advanced and developing countries, according to data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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