FTC Issues Blistering Rebuke Of States Limiting Tesla’s Direct Consumer Sales

The Federal Trade Commission is not big on state’s limiting the ability of electric car manufacturer Tesla to sell its cars directly to consumers. In a post published today, fittingly on its Competition Matters blog, the FTC whacked such restrictions, detailing how legal protections for dealers were built, and how they in time evolved into the opposite of their original intention. New Jersey recently became the third state to enact a ban, joining Arizona and Texas.

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  • FTC: State Bans On Tesla's Direct Sales Model Are Hurting Competition

    Tesla has just gained a valuable ally in its battle to sell cars directly to customers : the Federal Trade Commission. The regulator now argues that state bans on direct sales are "protectionist," propping up the traditional dealership business model rather than protecting companies from unfair abuses by automakers. The FTC also doesn't buy the notion that Tesla's modest US sales are a threat to the wider industry.

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  • FTC Cracks Down On Deceptive Car Ads: Buyer Beware Goes For Online, Too

    The Federal Trade Commission is clamping down this year on misleading auto dealership advertising, in a series of cases the FTC named Operation Steer Clear. Since January, the FTC has disclosed settlements with 10 dealerships in seven states. The latest example was last week, involving Courtesy Auto Group in Attleboro, Mass. According to the FTC, the group advertised “$0 down payment” without adequately disclosing other fees.

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    Yelp's stock is down on news the Federal Trade Commission is investigating over 2,000 complaints against the online review site. TheStreet's Jim Cramer points out a piece by a SunTrust analyst saying the number of complaints to the FTC are typical for any business. Cramer thinks the complaints will not affect Yelp and the decline may be as a result of pressure on many tech companies that went public at the same time. Cramer recommends Yelp long-term because it is a social, mobile and cloud play.

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  • New Jersey Becomes Third State To Ban Tesla’s Direct Sales Model

    Today the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission passed a rule that will end Tesla’s direct sales of cars to consumers. TheNew Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers was in favor of the rule change, unsurprisingly.

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    A Leaked document from the Federal Trade Commission showed that staff recommended action against Google for engaging in antitrust tactics in 2012 that harmed internet users by abusing its monopoly power.

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