Five World Cup Economies on the Decline: Russia

Russia’s lukewarm prospects this World Cup and its rising tension with neighbors such as Ukraine reflect a bit of an uncertain time for the country within Europe. Few see the Russian team as much of a threat to advance far in the World Cup and former Soviet satellite states such as Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are either ranked ahead of the country in current FIFA/Coca-Cola world rankings, or have more feared lineups.

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Five World Cup Economies on the Decline
Argentina's World Cup hopes will rest on Captain Lionel Messi, who while drawing comparison to the sport's greatest-ever players, has yet to secure a World Cup win. With quarterfinal exits in recent World Cups, Messi and a talented offence also led by Real Madrid midfielder Angel Di Maria and Manchester City forward Sergio Agüero are looking for better results. Argentina will play Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria in group stages and it has an easy path to the knockout round.
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Important Rising Economic Countries
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