Five Tips from the 'Money Coach' to Improve Your Credit Rating

Gregg Greenberg and bestselling financial author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, aka 'The Money Coach' discuss ways to improve your credit rating.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score With a Few Simple Steps
The credit score is one of the most important parts of your finances. This three-digit number gauges how responsible you are with money and can determine what interest rates lenders will charge you on mortgages and auto loans. The most important part of maintaining a strong credit score is to pay your bills on time. Another major component of the credit score formula is how much debt you owe, or your utilization ratio, which is how much debt you owe vs. the total available credit limit you have.
Quick Tips To Improve Your Credit Score
Aside from your Social Security number, there is one other number that has a powerful impact on your life: your credit score. A credit score is different from a credit report. The score involves several elements and all carry a different weight.
The Effect of Marriage on Your Money and Credit Rating
The number one cause of divorce is money, so it pays to make sure you've got the right money mate before tying the knot.
Improving Your Credit Rating in the UK
Watch How To Learn Improving Your Credit Rating from the world's leading how to specialist. This informative video will give you step-by-step instructions to make sure you get good at debt, credit cards.
The Fastest Way to Raise a Credit Score
Three quick tips to rapidly improve your credit score.
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Travel stocks are only starting to reflect the fact that tourism is fast becoming the globe's largest business, Elizabeth Becker, author of Overbooked, tells Gregg Greenberg.
Car Title Loans Onerous, Not Dangerous
The majority of people who take pricey car title loans don't lose their vehicles, Paige Marta Skiba, associate professor at Vanderbilt Law School, tells Gregg Greenberg.
How to Check Your Credit Rating
Learn how to check your credit rating with this video.
5 Things You Don't Know About Your Credit Score
There are varying levels of 'good' credit scores and you may be unwittingly paying higher rates because your credit score is dinged by good habits!
Answers to Your Credit Questions
We've answered some of the most popular questions people have about credit scores and managing credit.
Why You Should Watch Your Credit Score
Have you ever wondered why your asked to constantly check your credit score? What does it mean if your credit score is too low? In this video, AOL Personal Finance Expert and founder of, Alexa Von Tobel, reveals why it's so important to monitor your score for a better financial future. For more personal finance tips, visit
How to Get Credit When You Don't Have Any
If you need to borrow money, you need to have credit. But what happens when you don't have any?

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