Financiers Keep Tills Ringing At UK Air Show

Airbus clinched its first airline customer for a newly revamped model with a tentative deal with Malaysia's AirAsia for 50 A330neo wide-body jets worth over $13 billion on Tuesday. The deal was sealed with a peck on the cheek from the French boss of Europe's largest planemaker for AirAsia founder Tony Fernandes, who told the Farnborough Airshow: "We're Airbus's largest plane customer and definitely the most loved".

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  • Airbus, Boeing Wide-Body Jet Battle Triggers Warnings Of Oversupply

    Airbus's summer sales campaign with the new A330neo airliner has triggered warnings of potential oversupply in the wide-body market and of a bruising price battle as the older-generation model undercuts rival Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. Two weeks after Airbus announced a revamp of its A330 at the Farnborough Airshow, the battle for wide-body sales is heating up as Delta Air Lines seeks to renew part of its fleet. The head of the U.S.

  • Airbus Wins Record AirAsia X Deal

    A record breaking six billion dollar deal for Airbus as it clinched the largest ever single order. AirAsia X signed a contract for 25 new A330s taking their total fleet to 57 by 2019. Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier.

  • Airbus Seen Set To Win A350 Certification On Tuesday

    Sources say, Airbus looks set to win European safety certification for its newest airliner, the A350, on Tuesday. The stamp of approval will allow Europe's newest wide-body jetliner to enter service once the first production model has been tested and delivered to launch customer Qatar Airways, which the companies expect to happen in the fourth quarter. The roughly 300-350 seat A350 was developed at an estimated cost of $15 billion to compete with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

  • Airbus Says First Delivery of A350 to Qatar Postponed

    Airbus said on Wednesday, the first delivery of the new Airbus A350, scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 13, has been postponed and no new date has been set. An Airbus spokesman said, "We are working very closely with Qatar Airways to meet our common goal to deliver their first A350 XWB very soon." Qatar Airways is the biggest customer for Airbus's new-generation wide-body aircraft.

  • Airbus Lags Boeing but Faces Tense End to Order Race

    Europe's Airbus sold 248 jets in November, but remained behind Boeing as both planemakers accelerated towards what could be a tight finish to their annual order race. November's Airbus sales included a total of 120 A320-family aircraft to three unidentified customers. However CIT Leasing canceled an order for one of 15 new-generation A350-900 wide-body jets it had bought, as it finalized an order for 15 upgraded versions of the older A330.

  • Microsoft to Cut 18,000 Jobs, Largest Company-Wide Layoffs Ever

    In a letter to employees Thursday morning CEO, Satya Nadella, announced plans to cut 18,000 jobs over the next year.

  • Airbus Poised To Revamp A330 With Rolls-Royce

    People familiar with the matter said, Airbus is very close to a decision to upgrade its A330 with engines provided by Rolls-Royce, setting the stage for a bitter new phase in the battle for wide-body jet orders with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner.

  • Air Lease Corp Interested In Possible Revamp Of Airbus A330

    U.S. leasing company Air Lease is interested in a possible upgraded version of European planemaker Airbus Group's A330 passenger jet. President and Chief Operating Officer John Plueger told Reuters "Yes we are interested in that airplane." Airbus has not decided whether to go ahead with the re-engined version of its most popular wide-body model amid an ongoing internal debate about whether to continue to offer it with more than one choice of engine.

  • Name Change Lifts Airbus' Image In Washington: Airbus U.S. Chief

    A company executive said on Tuesday, airbus Group's recent name change is enhancing how the European weapons and planemaker is perceived, particularly among U.S. government customers. The company formerly known as EADS announced the rebranding last summer in a bid to improve its corporate image, and shareholders approved the name change in late May. The new name matched the company's legal title to its flagship brand and commercial plane unit, Airbus.

  • Delta Awards Airbus 50-Jet Order to Renew Fleet in Snub to Boeing

    Delta Air Lines has reportedly chosen Airbus for an order of 50 wide-body jets worth more than $14 billion at current list prices. Delta plans to buy 25 Airbus A350-900 jets and 25 Airbus A330-900neo jets, according to multiple reports, in a snub to Boeing.

  • Will New A350 Help Airbus Fly?

    A big moment for Airbus as it delivers its latest aircraft model to Qatar Airways. The A350-XWB - or extra wide body - is heralded by some as a technological leap forward. Airbus is also hoping it will be an industry gamechanger. Qatar Airways chief, Akbar Al Baker.

  • Airbus Reassures On A380 Door Problems

    Planemaker Airbus on Wednesday sought to allay any concerns over the impact of door problems on its A380 superjumbo after a German broadcaster reported its breakeven target could be delayed by several years. Airbus said it was testing improvements to the doors after a recent plane diversion and several incidents involving noise onboard and said the programme was still on track to reach breakeven in 2015. As an Airbus spokesman pur it, "It's a comfort issue, not a safety issue."

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