Escaping Poverty by Magic

How one boy in South Africa used magic to escape poverty and make his dreams come true.

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Poverty Still Plagues South Africa's Black Majority
More than two decades after Nelson Mandela walked out of prison, presaging the political liberation of South Africa's black majority, many young citizens still feel trapped by poverty. Peter Wonacott reports. Photo: Getty Images.
Thousands of Crocodiles Loose In South Africa
Police in South Africa are asking the public to help find and recapture thousands of crocodiles that escaped from a breeding farm earlier this week.
How South Africa Is Reducing Aids Suffering
BBC's Milton Nkosi visits a care center in Johannesburg where children are no longer dying from Aids.
South Africa Marks Freedom Day
As South Africa marks 18 years since holding its first free elections following the dismantling of the Apartheid regime, the BBC's Milton Nkosi describes how the country has changed in that time.
South Africa Takes Stock Ahead of Elections
South Africans head to the polls on May 7th, 20 years after Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress won the country's first democratic elections. The ANC is expected to win again, but issues of poverty and corruption persist.
S Africa 'Won't Take Second-Best'
In a BBC interview, South Africa's Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said he does "take responsibility" for failures of the governing African National Congress (ANC)
BBC Films as Boat Survivors Held
The BBC has filmed inside a police station where migrants are held after trying to escape
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Corruption and poverty become buzz words whenever there's violence in Africa. How can we look beyond conflict, and instead provide opportunities to create wealth?
Africa and the War Against Offshore Finance
LĂ©once Ndikumana: To reduce poverty, Africa needs to demand financial transparency as big banks collude with local corruption.
Search on For Escaped Crocodiles
As many as 10,000 farmed crocodiles are still on the loose in the Limpopo river between Botswana and South Africa, following the worst floods in more than a decade.
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Almost a year since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, poverty is still widespread throughout Libya.
These Kids Are Risking Their Lives To Come To The US, Leave Extreme Poverty
Ian Gordon says 60,000 kids will try to come to the US to escape from their country's poverty and violence.

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