Do You Understand What's in Your Muni Fund?

Morningstar's Eric Jacobson breaks down the nuances of GO, revenue, and tobacco bonds, warns about a yield pitfall to avoid, and offers best practices for researching muni fund portfolios.

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Munis have somewhat recovered so far this year, but investors need to mind all of the rate, credit, and valuation risks inherent in muni bonds and funds.
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A New Normal for Commodities Funds
Despite their historical diversifying qualities, these funds will maintain a partial correlation with equities as long as investors remain interested.
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Investors should look into funding health savings accounts and IRAs for the 2010 tax year prior to the forthcoming deadline, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.
Tax Tips For Retirement: Bonds, Social Security, and Credits Retiring means a change in your taxes. Find out if you are eligible for the Elderly and Disabled tax credit, and how it’s possible for the IRS to tax your social security this year.

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