Detective: Trio Planned to Hunt Down More Drug Dealers

Three men accused of killing and dismembering a drug dealer appear in court in Northern Kentucky.

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  • Drug Dealer Sentenced For Causing Customer's Heroin Overdose

    A landmark case in Northeast Ohio held a drug dealer accountable for the overdose and death of his customer. “People are dying every day, two to three deaths sometimes a week, from heroin. It’s something that needs to be stopped,” Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecutor Mahmoud Awadallah told FOX 8.

  • Cops Admit To Robbing Drug Dealers, Buying Cocaine

    Three Schaumburg police officers are under arrest for allegedly robbing drug dealers of money, then going out to buy marijuana and cocaine. Prosecutors say the officers were captured on surveillance cameras performing the illegal acts. Upon their arrest, the three men partially admitted to their crimes.

  • Caroline Kennedy Acquits Accused Crack Dealer

    Caroline Kennedy has saved an accused drug dealer from more jail time. The former first daughter was recently selected to serve jury duty on a case where 31-year-old Nelson Chatman was accused of selling four nickel bag crack rocks to an undercover police officer. On Monday, Kennedy, along with her fellow jurors, took about 75 minutes to deliberate and ultimately acquit the Harlem man in the 2011 case.

  • Dirty Cop Allegedly Stole Cash & Drugs From Dealers

    It’s a new face on a familiar story. 45-year old NYPD officer Jose Tejada is accused of running a stickup crew that robbed drug dealers for more than a million dollars in cash – and 250-kilos of cocaine. Familiar because that’s exactly what a band of crooked cops – the so called “Dirty 30” – did back in the early 1990s.

  • Salinas Neighbors Help Put Accused Drug Dealers Behind Bars

    Salinas police working on tips from neighbors raided a home on the 1100 block of Fairview and hauled away drugs, guns and money.

  • Drug Dealers Mistakenly Send Text Ads to Cops, Get Arrested

    Have you ever sent a message to the wrong number? Well, a California man made the wrong call when he sent a Santa Maria Police officer several text messages trying to sell him methamphetamine. Upon receiving the offer and playing along as a customer, the officer then arranged a location and time to meet with the mysterious drug dealer.

  • Drug Dealer Lists Occupation To Police As ‘Drug Dealer'

    Honesty is generally the best policy, but if you’re listing your occupation to police and you’re a drug dealer, don’t say “drug dealer!”

  • Report: 1981 Knicks Fixed Games For Drug Dealer

    A new book says the 1981-82 New York Knicks shaved points from games to help out their drug dealer, who was an avid gambler.

  • ‘Operation Happy Holidays’ Leads to Dozens of Drug Dealers Arrested

    Multiple Seattle law enforcement units have teamed up to bring down 31 high-level, gang-affiliated drug dealers as possible.

  • How Drug Dealers Are Using Social Media

    Drug dealers of Oxytocin, Xanax and even Meth are using social media channels like Instagram to sell their products. This creates an easy Internet trail to follow for detectives.

  • Witnesses Say Suspected Drug Dealer Was Victim Of Police Brutality

    Witnesses say the man was a victim of police brutality, police say he swallowed drugs which lead to his death. His death is now under police investigation.

  • Dozens of Suspected Drug Dealers Arrested in Franklin County

    Eighty law enforcement officers arrested 35 people in several towns throughout Franklin County in their initial sweep.  Warrants were issued for the arrest of eight others.

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