Consultants Help Clients Find and Fire Advisers

A small industry of consultants don't manage any money but help wealthy investors pick financial advisers-those who not only create solid portfolios but have a steady employment history and obey to stringent fiduciary standards, or are able to add a specialty to a family office.

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How to Hire More Female Financial Advisers
There's still a shortage of female financial advisers. Here's how some firms are recruiting and keeping more women.
How to Advise Entrepreneurs
What it means to "go independent" has changed over the years. Plus, here's how advisers can effectively use technology. And, here's how advisers need to speak with some entrepreneurs. WSJ Wealth Adviser's Veronica Dagher reports.
Leslie Kerner on Skills You Build Working in Management Consulting
In Chapter 18 of 21 in her 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, education software company executive Leslie Kerner answers "What Core Skills Did You Learn Working in Management Consulting That You Still Use Now?" Kerner learns communication skills that help her navigate uncomfortable situations working with client managers. As a Deloitte management consultant, Kerner builds conversation skills to address sensitive client topics in non-threatening ways that do not compromise project productivity.
Adviser Pursuits: A Pole Vaulting Adviser
Some prospects are surprised to learn that financial adviser Mark Cortazzo pole vaults but he's says its helped him win business and become a better adviser.
Regulators Focus On Reverse Churning By Advisers
Regulators plan to ferret out financial advisers who put clients in fee-based accounts that are inappropriate, says Dan Nathan, a partner at law firm Morrison & Foerster in Washington, D.C. Advisers can take steps to help them avoid scrutiny, he says.
Most Advisers Aren't Afraid of "Robo" Advice
Online investment services aren't just for young clients and low-balance accounts; "robo" advice can help any wealth advisory firm grow, says Bernie Clark, the head of Schwab Adviser Services. "Robo" advice is complementary and an opportunity, Mr. Clark says.
Financial Advisers Get Tougher with Asset Managers
As retail assets under management grow, broker-dealers are negotiating more aggressively with fund companies, seeing a bigger share of their revenue. Advisers are seeking help with marketing, for example, and additional revenue streams.
How to Find the Next Generation of Advisers
Many advisers will need the next generation to take over their practice one day. Here are few ways advisers can find the right candidates.
Young Advisers Build Businesses With Acquisitions
With an aging financial advisory population, it's likely more young financial advisers will acquire advisory firms. But they do face hurdles, a competitive environment and difficulty raising capital among them.
How Financial Advisers Can Assist with Financial Planning for Divorce
Divorce can be complicated and expensive. Here's how financial advisers can help make it easier.
Five Ways to Beat Robo Advisers
Advisers who take these five steps stand less of a chance being replaced by robo-advisers.
3 Bond Myths Advisers Need to Bust
There are several myths about bonds advisers and their client need to bust. WSJ Jason Zweig explains.

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