Catalytic Philanthropy Aids Unbanked in India and Africa

The next billion people in India are more likely to have phones than bank accounts.

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Learn About the Venture Philanthropy
Mark Kramer, founder of FSG Social Impact Advisors, talks about L3C, a low-profit organization. He also talks about social entrepreneurships.
Bill Gates Sr. Advocates for the Estate Tax
Bill Gates Sr. advocates for the estate tax in a conversation led by his son, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, in a sereis titled "A Conversation with My Father," in which the pair talk about parenting, philanthropy, commerce and citizenship.
Five World Cup Economies on the Decline: Russia
Russia’s lukewarm prospects this World Cup and its rising tension with neighbors such as Ukraine reflect a bit of an uncertain time for the country within Europe. Few see the Russian team as much of a threat to advance far in the World Cup and former Soviet satellite states such as Ukraine, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are either ranked ahead of the country in current FIFA/Coca-Cola world rankings, or have more feared lineups.
Five World Cup Economies on the Decline
Argentina's World Cup hopes will rest on Captain Lionel Messi, who while drawing comparison to the sport's greatest-ever players, has yet to secure a World Cup win. With quarterfinal exits in recent World Cups, Messi and a talented offence also led by Real Madrid midfielder Angel Di Maria and Manchester City forward Sergio Agüero are looking for better results. Argentina will play Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria in group stages and it has an easy path to the knockout round.
Markets and Economy: Put the Big Picture in Perspective
BlackRock's Heidi Richardson, University of Chicago professor Randy Kroszner, and Morningstar's Bob Johnson tackle today's key macro issues--including employment, housing, consumer and corporate spending, the Fed taper, and much more.
The Global Economy and the End of American Exceptionalism
With American exceptionalism waning, is the U.S. destined to be left in the dust? Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton talk about the significance of building a future of shared success and responsibility in order to create a thriving global economy. For more from Bill Gates and President Clinton, check out the December 2013 issue of WIRED.
Economy Calls for Dividend Stocks
The economy will not pick up steam before the end of 2013, so stick with dividend stocks, says Allianz GI's Kristina Hooper.
How Four Major Threats Target The Global Economy
The world's financial markets are facing four major threats all at the same time. From tapering the "quantitative easing" program to the crisis in Syria, these looming threats are simultaneously jeopardizing the fragile economy.
The Burning Man Economy
Full Segment: From Monday to September 2, a patch of Nevada desert becomes Black Rock City, the site of the annual Burning Man festival. After years of innovation, "Burners" have learned to live, build, and work in ways that can help recharge today's economy.
The U.S. Economy: Standing Still or Standing Up?
The next 12 to 18 months will be slow and painful, but America's fundamentals support longer-term optimism, says University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee.
Fed 'Fracking' Up the Economy
Ben Bernanke and the Fed are still testing, or 'fracking,' the mood of the economy, ValueBridge Advisors's Brian Barnier tells Joe Deaux.
Indian Micro Finance for Sustainable Energy
This NGO provides affordable loans to families helping them buy renewable energy systems that improve their quality of life. Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP) in South India is a prime example of the vital role a well-run microfinance organisation can play in meeting the poor's energy needs.

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