3 Tips for Paying Off Debts

Financial expert Pete the Planner shares how you can save money while paying off your debts.

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Millennials Are the Most Disciplined Financial Planners in the U.S.
Though Millennials get a bad rap, they're financially prudent. That may be because they experienced tough economic cycles during the formative years of their financial lives just like their grandparents, the World War II generation. A Northwestern Mutual study found that about 70 percent of highly disciplined planners feel very financially secure compared to only 17 percent of non planners.
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The Benefits of Working With a Financial Planner
I am Carol Friedhoff with Savvy Outcomes. Some people may wonder how a financial planner can benefit them. Well, first of all, a financial planner is going to make sure that you're OK financially. And do you have an adequate plan to achieve your goals? And you may say, well, what does that all mean?
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