2014 Inflation Forecast and What It Means to You

Overall inflation has been low for years now, but that doesn't mean all prices are standing still.

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2013 Inflation Forecast
Inflation affects everything from healthcare and college costs to the price of a gallon of gasoline. What's it going to do to you this year?
Why Rising Prices Mean Lower Taxes in 2012
Think there's nothing good about paying higher prices at the grocery store and at the pump? Well, as it turns out higher inflation can lead to lower taxes.
Andy Hoffman on Hyper Inflation and Food Prices
What's the most important commodity in the world? It may not be what you think. Hear "Ranting Andy" Hoffman give the shocking statistics on hyperinflation of the world's commodities, and the effects on our economy. Watch the entire interview on Gaiam TV!
What Is Inflation?
Inflation is the overall rise of prices of goods and services in the economy. Inflation is the reason you need to be investing; inflation causes the value of your cash to decrease. Confusing? Learn the easy way with Wall Street Survivor.
The Case For Inflation
Full Segment: When it comes to inflation, there are two main economic camps in America: one that fears it, and one that doesn't think it's a danger. But underwater Americans are benefited by inflation, which devalues their debts. Who speaks for them?
The Effects of Inflation on Costs in 2012
What's it going to cost to gas up the car this year? How about health insurance? And are college costs going up?
Inflation Statistics and Consumer Loss of Purchasing Power
Oppenheimer's Alessio de Longis says commonly followed inflation statistics are not necessarily reflecting how higher import prices are pinching consumers' purchasing power.
Signs That Inflation Is Peaking
Recent moderation in commodity prices bode well for milder inflation and the economy.
Johnny Manziel Means Money to A&M
Ty West, managing editor of the Birmingham Business Journal, says sending Johnny Manziel to the SEC Media Days was a good business decision.
2014 Forecast: Stocks, Houses and Oil
We get predictions from Wall Street experts and Main Street on the stock market, housing market, and oil market in 2014.
Expect Hotter Inflation in Months Ahead
Morningstar's Bob Johnson explains the disconnect between the Fed's characterization of inflation and consumers' experience at gas stations and grocery stores.
A Review of Inflation Past, Present and Future
Recent levels of inflation bumped up against the danger zone but should cool off over the next several months, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson.

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