2012 Presidential Elections Ad Attacks

Obama Hits Romney on His Record as Massachusetts Governor; RNC Seizes on 'Private Sector' Gaffe On the premiere of The D.C. Bureau, top editors and reporters from The Wall Street Journal grade the latest political campaigns.

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  • D.C. Bureau: Outsourcing Allegations Get Personal

    Romney Campaign senior adviser Ed Gillespie says an Obama campaign attack ad lies about the facts behind Romney's jobs record at Bain. Top Wall Street Journal reporters handicap how the outsourcing ad war will play out at the polls in November.

  • D.C. Bureau: Axelrod and Madden Talk Economy

    On the premiere of WSJ's D.C. Bureau, Jerry Seib talks with President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod and Mitt Romney's senior strategist Kevin Madden, where they discuss the state of their campaigns. Later in the program, Jerry sits with WSJ Deputy Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker, senior political reporter Neil King and political reporter Carol Lee, to look at the state of the jobs market and grade the latest campaign ads.

  • D.C. Bureau: Election Fight Gets Nasty

    DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz asks: if Romney didn't open offshore accounts to avoid taxes he owes in the U.S., then what are they there for? Top Wall Street Journal reporters on why this could mean revolt within the Republican party.

  • New Romney Ad Criticizes Obama on Israel

    Wall Street Journal reporters and editors discuss this week's political ads. Mitt Romney's campaign attacks President Obama's relationship with Israel, and Obama's ad casts Mr. Romney as "out of touch" with women.

  • D.C. Bureau: Washington Wrestles With the Ruling

    President Obama's deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter on how health care will play out this fall. Rep. Chris Van Hollen tells how Democrats need to deal with the ruling, an the roundtable maps out obstacles Obama faces. Photo: Getty Images.

  • D.C. Bureau: Fehrnstrom Hails GOP Convention

    GOP campaign strategist Eric Fehrnstrom calls the Republican Convention a success and says Mitt Romney took the chance to make his case to the American people. WSJ reporters in Tampa discuss the big stories and takeaways from the event. Photo: AP.

  • Obama Attack Ads Hit Nine Swing States

    The Obama campaign flooded the airwaves this week with fresh Romney attack ads across all swing states. WSJ Washington Bureau Chief Jerry Seib and Wall Street Journal reporters Sara Murray, Peter Nicholas, and Janet Hook debate what they tell say about the Obama camp's latest strategy.

  • Ad Watch: Romney Vs. Romney

    The D.C. Bureau Roundtable on how Mitt Romney's positive campaign ad came back with an unexpected bite from Obama for America.

  • Gillespie: Obama Campaign Ad Is a Lie

    Senior advisor to the Romney campaign Ed Gillespie says on D.C. Bureau that allegations made in an Obama campaign ad that Romney outsourced jobs while at Bain are false.

  • US Presidential Campaign Is Getting Ugly

    Top Wall Street Journal reporters on why the President wants a tax fight and why his Romney outsourcing allegations may have gone too far.

  • Ad Watch: 'When a President Doesn't Tell the Truth

    Top Wall Street Journal reporters on how an Obama ad called 'The Problem' prompted Romney to lash-out. His campaign's white-hot rebuke has the political world asking: did Romney just call the President a liar?

  • Romney Ad: 'We Are Not Doing Fine'

    Romney's campaign ad attacks Obama for his comments about the private sector 'doing fine'.

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