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Where the Jobs Are

By Cameron Caswell, Posted Aug 12th 2009 @ 10:26AM

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By Marcella Wolfe, AOL Find a Job

Looking toward the future for a more recession-proof career? Or has the current economy already kicked you into job search mode? No industry is safe from the forces of change, but one thing is certain: some industries are more likely to be where the jobs are.

By Marcella Wolfe, AOL Find a Job

Four Hot Industries You May-or May Not-Have Considered in Your Job Search

Looking toward the future for a more recession-proof career? Or has the current economy already kicked you into job search mode? No industry is safe from the forces of change, but one thing is certain: some industries are more likely to be where the jobs are.

Not only is it important to know the hot growth industries, you also need to know how to use your current skill base to enter these markets. Some of these may be areas you never even considered when you started working. This flexibility and knowledge of emerging job-growth industries are what it takes to build income security -no matter what the winds of change bring your way.

Health Care

New, life-saving breakthrough pharmaceutical products, medical devices and treatments are coming on the market each year. Couple that with the aging of our population and it's no wonder health care is a major growth area. Total health care spending is expected to climb during the next decade until it reaches 20 percent of our nation's gross domestic product, in 2017. That's 20 percent of all we spend on goods and services in a year. With numbers like that, it's an area you may want to explore for job security. In fact, seven of the 20 fastest growing occupations are health care related.

But, what if the sight of blood scares you? With so much going into health care, the jobs health care provides extend far beyond hands-on care-giving. We know that those professionals we typically consider " health care workers," such as doctors, physician's assistants, nurses, nursing assistants, home health aides, and physical therapists will always be in high demand. But, have you considered the vast array of jobs in the health industry including health products marketing, patient education, and the closely related social services. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities, for example, are projected to grow by seventy-four percent by 2016.

Opportunities in health care administration, including medical records and pharmacy management are also flourishing. And, the field of health technology holds a wide range of options from health informatics to jobs that can have you operating the technology that will bring you closer to the patient such as the work done by ultrasound technicians and radiologic technicians.

Today's health care market offers you an opportunity for sustained career growth. Because of the complexity of today's health care system, a broad range of talents is needed to deliver quality, affordable health care. Now is the time to start thinking of the skills you need to work in the health industry-or how to adapt your current talents.

Information Technology

While tech experiences growing pains as technologies change and jobs open to global markets, it's still a high-growth area. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs in the computer field are expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations. Consider it as a "backbone" industry as all sectors continually adopt and integrate the technologies that are driving change in our everyday life. Even in light of the current economic downturn, the country that brought you Silicon Valley and the Internet will continue to be a hotbed for the tech advances that spur job growth.

But, if the thought of sitting behind a computer for much of the day pains you (you can't get past it, even when you consider the high salaries) remember that the IT field is about a lot more than programming. A lot of sales activity, recruitment and training activities also go on to support this industry.

Anyone with education experience is well-positioned to approach the market. With technologies and software that change rapidly, the opportunities for technical trainers are long-term and solid. Teaching employees how to use leading-edge technologies will always be in demand. The education and training category that is projected to account for the most job growth is short-term on-the-job training. Got people skills? Consider tech training.

While hard-core technical skills are always in high demand, many positions such as database administrators and software testing specialists don't always take a four-year degree. Associates degrees are often a road to entry to those who want to explore the burgeoning tech market. Many positions start at $40 to $50,000 a year with room for advancement.

Financial Services (Personal Financial Advice)

If the recent economic times have hit you hard you're not alone. Modern life's financial pressures create a constant need for individuals who can assess others' financial needs and use their knowledge of debt-management, investments, tax laws and insurance to recommend options. Many people have been faced with doing this for family members and friends for years. Why not put that experience to use and get paid?

Better known as personal financial advisors, these professionals help families and individuals realize their dreams, whether that means achieving long-term goals or meeting immediate needs of reducing debt and living within their means. Some also help clients with retirement and estate planning, funding the college education of children, and general investment choices. In fact, this "big picture" aspect of helping families be healthier overall through staying financially healthy is what personal financial advisors say they like most about their job.

Personal financial advisors usually work with many clients. They often must find their own customers. Many spend a great deal of their time making sales calls and marketing their services. Finding clients and building a customer base is one of the most important aspects of becoming successful as a financial advisor. Having an entrepreneurial edge helps. Almost one third of personal financial advisors are self-employed.

While large banks and investment firms have been undergoing cutbacks, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that personal financial advisors rank high on the list of the 30 fastest growing occupations. If you have an aptitude for numbers and good interpersonal skills, you may have what it takes to be a personal financial advisor. Or, what it takes to provide support services to someone who is already in the field.

Despite rapid job growth those who have earned a professional designation are expected to have the best opportunities. When it comes to money, the investment you make in education will always be an investment in earning your clients' faith in you.

Skilled Trades

There is one hot growth are where skills aren't obtained by going to college. They are earned on-the job, in shop classes and vocational school, or by working at the side of your dad, a good friend or a colleague. The skilled trades feature a host of careers in areas such as carpentry, plumbing, stonemasonry, the electrical trades, cabinet making, welding, construction management and more. Take automobile repair, for instance. In the current economy people keep their cars longer instead of buying new ones. Every year there are more cars on the road-and they all need regular servicing.

In many of the skilled trades there is a shortage of workers. And, if working with your hands appeals to you, know that skilled trades workers are often better compensated than many professionals who sit behind a computer. The average salary for plumbers, electricians, stonemasons, for example, is $45,000 a year. That's only the beginning for those willing to start their own company. The sturdy average salaries can be reached in a relative short amount of time. And, in fact, unless more young adults enter this industry construction may slow dramatically. To hit the market with the skills for success, young people need to think ahead. Training can start in the teens or twenties.

A recent New York Times article notes that a big distinction in the emerging job market is between the services that can be delivered over a wire and the work of those who must do their job in person or on site. The latter may find their livelihoods more secure against outsourcing to distant countries. For the hands-on types economist Alan Blinder noted, "You can't hammer a nail over the Internet." Nor can someone half way around the globe repair your car radiator.

Consider these hot growth areas. Some are specific industries, others, more skill-based. No matter what happens in the economy-whether our recovery will be short or long in coming-start planning now if you want to enter these high growth areas. Assessing your current skills, adapting them and getting the education and training you need are the first steps toward entering a high-job-growth industry.

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    Is it by cash or check?

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    8-13-2009 @1:30PM
    Autumn said...
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    I will call the BBB to see if this is ligit. Then I will go forward Thanks

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    That sounds like complete BS, did your boss hand you a sheet of paper the company composed and tell you to post it? kind of like some of my college buds that tried quixtar, they still havent seen a check for that scam. nice try

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    8-13-2009 @11:26AM
    john bellicourt said...
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    8-13-2009 @12:19PM
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    Donna said...
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    In order to make that much $$$$$........what do you sell....where do you get your product....and do you ship or dropship?

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    8-13-2009 @10:31AM
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