Blakeford of Green Hills


In 1996, the vision for senior living in elegant, traditional surrounding in the heart of Green Hills became reality with the opening of Blakeford at Green Hills. Founders of Blakeford had long envisioned a community to embrace seniors who seek comprehensive retirement choices and want to call Green Hills home.

Today Blakeford, locally owned and managed, remains unwavering in its commitment to uncompromising service and is dedicated to being available and responsive to you and your family.


Blakeford at Green Hills

11 Burton Hills Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Blakeford Independent Living: (615) 665-9505

Blakeford Assisted Living: (615) 665-2742

Blakeford Health Center: (615) 665-2524

Blakeford Sales Coordinator: (615) 467-4069


Blakeford at Green Hills is a not-for-profit senior living community providing multiple levels of care and services through a comprehensive Lifecare plan.

The primary mission of Blakeford is to provide a comfortable, secure, and social environment. We are committed to meeting the current and future needs of our residents. Blakeford offers well-designed surroundings and an attractive array of personal services and activities.

Excellent service and hospitality are the foundation of Blakeford. We believe the respect, trust, and friendship of its residents must be earned everyday and must never be taken for granted.