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A job search can get quite frustrating these days, with so many people competing for too few openings. To ease the burden, AOL Jobs tracked down the 10 top companies that are hiring this week. From sales jobs to finance positions, full-time to part-time, these employers have a plethora of openings they're looking to fill.
Good luck job hunting!

1. Firestone Complete Auto: 3,697 openings

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a car maintenance chain that's part of one of the oldest American tire companies. There are more than 1,600 locations nationwide that, along with selling and servicing tires, also do repairs and other kinds of work on cars.

Employee Review: "Higher-than-average compensation for retail, good camaraderie with co-workers. Nice working for large company that you know will be there tomorrow."*

Find a job now with Firestone Complete Auto.

2. UnitedHealth Group: 3,364 openings

UnitedHealth Group currently provides health insurance services to more than 75 million people worldwide and is the largest insurance company of its kind in the U.S. With the onset of states' participation in the Affordable Care Act, the Minnesota-based insurer "has remained especially vague on the number of systems it would participate in," says The Motley Fool, "placing the number somewhere between 10 and 25."

Employee Review: "Good, steady work. Great learning opportunities. Very little favoritism, you get ahead based on your own work. Work at home opportunities help on commuting costs. Great work-life balance, ample vacation time."*

Find a job now with UnitedHealth Group.

3. Brookdale Senior Living: 2,463 openings.

Brookdale is the largest owner and operator of senior living communities throughout the United States, operating over 570 senior living communities and retirement communities in the US. They have 35,000 staff members and 55,000 residents.

Employee Review: "There is a great sense of teamwork in there. The hours that we work are very flexible."*

Find a job now at Brookdale Senior Living.

4. The Vitamin Shoppe: 1,967 openings.

The Vitamin Shoppe is a New Jersey-based retailer of nutritional supplements. They also operate stores in Canada under the name "VitaPath". The company provides approximately 8,000 different skus of supplements through its retail stores and over 20,000 different skus of supplements through its online retail websites.

Employee Review: "Good growth opportunities and stores opening all over the US all year 'round. Company based out of NJ, so more progressive policies on employment and benefits. Good vacation, health, and dental benefits. Above average pay from minimum wage. Good policies on customer service interaction as well. Focus on Customer service vs. pushing products."*

Find a job now with The Vitamin Shoppe.

5. Chipotle: 1,868 openings.

Chipotle Logo

Chipotle is known for its use of organic meats throughout its more than 1,500 restaurants, which are located in 45 states. Since having been founded in 1993, the chain has since exploded and now counts some 37,000 employees. It is a pioneer in the "fast casual" dining movement.

Employee Review: "The people I work with are awesome and the food is good. It pays my bills and makes me laugh. The schedule is super flexible but It's a lot of work. If you're looking for something easy and laid back, keep looking."*

Find a job now at Chipotle.

6. Catholic Health Initiatives: 1,866 openings

Catholic Health Initiatives is a national, faith-based nonprofit health system with headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. Formed in 1996 through the consolidation of four Catholic health systems, CHI operates in 19 states and comprises 105 hospitals, including four academic health centers and major teaching hospitals and 30 critical-access facilities.

Employee Review: "I love my job. I get to interact with great coworkers and guests, and it makes my job enjoyable. They do a good job of promoting within and fostering potential leadership in younger workers."*

Find a job now with Catholic Health Initiatives.

7. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 1,81 openings

Enterprise is the largest rental care company in North America and operates over 900,000 vehicles worldwide, earning it the 15th rank on Forbes' "America's Largest Private Companies" list.

Employee Review: "Great experience and recognized as an excellent training program by outside companies. Can advance quickly if you hit your goals."*

Find a job now at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

8. Hilton Worldwide: 1,732 openings

Hilton Worldwide is an American global hospitality company. As of March 2014, Hilton brands encompass 4,112 hotels with over 680,117 rooms in 91 countries.

Employee Review: "I love my job. I get to interact with great coworkers and guests, and it makes my job enjoyable. They do a good job of promoting within and fostering potential leadership in younger workers."*

Find a job now with Hilton Worldwide.

Bakers Life and Casualty logo​9. Bankers Life and Casualty: 1,681 openings

Founded in 1879, Bankers is a life and health insurance company that services the retirement market. It is based in Chicago, Ill., and operates in 275 offices nationwide. The financial company is a subsidiary of CNO Financial Group.

Employee Review: "For someone who wants a second career after the first big one, with more freedom, flexibility, etc., this is the place!"*

Find a job now with Bankers Life and Casualty.

10. TruGreen: 1,571 openings

TruGreen was named America's #1 lawncare company based on U.S. market share of professional lawn care companies. They offer science-based solutions for lawncare, tree and shrub care, and irrigation.

Employee Review: "Retention bonuses offered and fairly easy to achieve. Branch level management were great. Goals are clearly set for you on a daily, weekly and yearly (seasonally) scale."*

Find a job now with TruGreen.

*All employee reviews sourced from Glassdoor, a free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. Reviews may have been edited for clarity.

Note: All openings are on CareerBuilder, an AOL Jobs sponsor.

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Дмитрий Голавский

Another site that collects reviews of employees of companies is This is another point of view on the best and worst USA companies according to the staff

Yesterday at 4:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Try being 61 with a Master's....and 2000 apps later in the Houston area...and so many responses...Thank you for applying eventhough your credentials are excellent...blah blah blah..and I am applying for 30K a year jobs....No interviews...nothing.....16 months of this BS..... People yell discrimination all the time....wait..till you are older.....that is the worst one....everyone will find out....

April 06 2015 at 12:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Anne Marie

Low paying jobs and no jobs for those of use over age 50! My friend, who has a Master's degree worked two low wage part time jobs because she searched for three years without finding anything and she is a whooping 46 years old! Maybe the administration and their croonies would lile to swap their salaries and take these!

March 06 2015 at 9:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wow! what a bunch of swell careers. america is back, "would you like fries with burger that Mr. China"?

February 20 2015 at 2:15 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

Just take your car to Firestone for one of their low-ball oil changes and have a 3 year old car with 21,000 miles and wait for the $900.00 estimate of extensive/ necessary repairs indicated on the unsolicited inspection of the car.
They took twice as long to inspect the car as they did changing the oil. BTW, I know front ends and did also take this vehicle to a garage for confirmation of necessary work. What a joke !

January 28 2015 at 4:45 PM Report abuse +5 rate up rate down Reply

I amit needs help with my resume

January 26 2015 at 3:48 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply
bellacondeza Every time I open the web site, it surprised me with the variety of news , and with all I need to know, I love to surf and look for important things to update my way of living, I feel good when finish surfing through the Aol web site. Thanks Aol

December 30 2014 at 8:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to bellacondeza's comment

AOL every time I open a new web site I am confronted with another latest generation of pop up ads designed to defeat adblocker.

January 28 2015 at 7:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Stay away from Verizon Wireless, they obtain illegally recorded conversations. I would also stay away from UPS not from personal experience but from 2 friends I know with medical issues, 1 got injured on the job and the other had a life changing illness and both were given a hard time about it.

December 28 2014 at 8:44 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

I was a immigrant in US. But I never took such a job.
Americans cannot make anything anymore.
I worked long hours, saved and I made own manufacturing company. I created a job for myself and a few people. Now I'm ready to ritire . The right way is to make something. Better than shipping chinese goods .Yes , you can ! ( I'm a republican ). Take any job NOW , and then get work attitude in place . Your mind should be in manufacturing , even if you have to create own product or business.
Yes, you can ! In old days america was nr 1 in creation, inventing.

December 28 2014 at 3:03 AM Report abuse +2 rate up rate down Reply

United HealthCare is the only insurance company I know of that changes physician billing codes, which is illegal. They may pay or deny, but not change codes unless they have the medical records. Unfortunately, since the system changes some codes upon receipt, they cannot have the medical records.

UPS has had problems in IL with senior management looking to fire employees to start hiring to make up for their contract failure to hire sufficient employees before the union contract expired. In IL, despite the rest of the USA agreeing to the contract, a specific IL union was postponed a union contract under two conditions from this multi-BILLION a year PROFIT company forcing employees to pay for their health insurance, and to allow management to "assist" employees with their work, which if the latter was required, then UPS could have met their quotas. During this holiday peek season, the facility I worked at had a 9 1/2 hr overnight shift only giving a 10 minute break because the employees were "part-time". At least we received time and a half for any hours over 5, as per our union contract.

There is a reason the top two companies listed are hiring. Why would you work at a company with questionable ethical business practices in specific locations?

December 28 2014 at 12:41 AM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply

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