Worst Bosses

  • 7 Worst Bosses In 2012

    7 Worst Bosses In 2012

    Most working humans have experience with incompetent or fearsome or totally irrational bosses. Some of us, however, have bosses so heinous that lawyers get involved. America's Worst Bosses of 2012, by anonymous boss-rating website eBossWatch, catalogs what it sees as the country's 50 creepiest job-creators --... Continue Reading

  • Succeeding With A New Boss

    Succeeding With A New Boss

    By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter It has been said there is but one constant, and that is change. Some live for it, while others fight it tooth and nail. Change can be at once exciting and frightening. Amazing how often those two words interconnect, isn't it? When that change involves a new boss, don't fret. If... Continue Reading

  • Give Your Boss a Boost and Get Credit

    Give Your Boss a Boost and Get Credit

    You hear a lot about bad, crazy and abusive bosses these days, but not as much about the good ones -- the truly great ones who treat employees with respect, pay them fairly, and provide plenty of opportunity for growth. If your boss is one of the good guys (or if you'd like to encourage them to be better),... Continue Reading