• He Said, She Said: Dressing Appropriately for Work

    He Said, She Said: Dressing Appropriately for Work

    Dressing for work can be a battle, but only if you don't know what you're doing. The way you look and dress in the office makes a statement about what people can expect from you and how you feel about yourself. Here are five areas you should focus on when it comes to having great work style, from the... Continue Reading

  • How to Make Business Casual Work for You

    By Jill Bremer, Certified Image Consultant Today's business environment is anything but traditional. For most Americans, work settings have become more relaxed. Flex-time, job-sharing and home offices have spurred employees to ask for more comfortable dress codes. And corporate America has responded. In... Continue Reading

  • Has Casual Friday Become Too Casual?

    Friday is, hands down, the best day of the workweek. Not only is it the last working day, it's usually in conjunction with pay day, summer hours and, if you're lucky, a casual dress code. But how casual is too casual? Remember Casual Friday at TV's favorite paper company in Scranton, Penn.? One Friday at... Continue Reading

  • Do You Dress for the Corner Office or the Mail Room?

    Note to self: When interviewing with Diane Danielson, showing up in torn denim attire is a no-no. Now the CEO of, a networking site for female professionals, Danielson describes how one job candidate learned this lesson the hard way: "I worked at a 125-year-old conservative Boston... Continue Reading