• 6 Fast-Growing Work-From-Home Jobs

    6 Fast-Growing Work-From-Home Jobs

    Want to join the ranks of pajama professionals? Yes, the economy is still suffering, but thanks in large part to the digital revolution, it's easier than ever to launch a work-from-home career that pays well. One in 4 workers now does some or all of a job at home, an increase of 300 percent since 2005,... Continue Reading

  • How to Get Started in Freelancing

    How to Get Started in Freelancing As more people step (or are pushed) off the corporate ladder, many are landing in the exciting, rewarding and sometimes scary role of free agent. "I was tired of doing assignments I didn't like on a schedule I couldn't control," says Mary Beth Neumann, who quit her job at a major... Continue Reading

  • Companies That Hire Part-Time Workers

    Companies That Hire Part-Time Workers

    Updated October 2009 By Molly Hallman, Can you imagine how simple your life would be if you never had to drive to work? If you have the self-discipline to work from home, the right opportunity could help you get back those commute hours and gain some extra time each day to do whatever you... Continue Reading