Truck Driver Jobs

  • Employers Desperate To Fill Truck-Driving Jobs

    Employers Desperate To Fill Truck-Driving Jobs

    By Russ Bynum Tribe Transportation is a growing company that just added 10 new trucks to its tractor-trailer fleet. The problem has been hiring people to drive them. So far the Georgia-based company has filled four of the jobs, leaving six vacancies. The new hires are mostly veteran truckers in their 50s,... Continue Reading

  • Hiring Now: Trucking Companies

    Hiring Now: Trucking Companies

    Curious what truck drivers earn in different parts of the country? Salaries generally range from $40,000 to $68,000, and specialty drivers can earn as much as $84,000. The earnings for drivers in Mississippi are at the top of the range, even though the average household income for the state is only $36,650... Continue Reading