• No. 1 Way To Jump Start A Stalled Job Search

    No. 1 Way To Jump Start A Stalled Job Search

    A recent study shows the average job seeker gives up looking for work after five months. Meanwhile, the length of time it takes to find work in the US is currently hovering at more than seven months. If you've been looking for a job for a while, the evidence suggests now is not the time to quit. And yet,... Continue Reading

  • Mariann Donato Entry #5: Opportunities

    Mariann Donato Entry #5: Opportunities

    I have been afforded the wonderful opportunity of speaking with some terrific people as a result of the AOL blog. Interestingly enough, they break down into two very specific groups: culinary and publishing. Continue Reading

  • Mariann Donato: Tory's Feedback #1

    Mariann Donato: Tory's Feedback #1

    Getting a Response I feel Mariann's pain. No response is worse than hearing, "We're just not that into you." She is doing everything right: following up as directed, waiting a respectable amount of time between attempts and varying her methods of communication. She's not hounding anyone nor is she waiting idly... Continue Reading

  • Mariann Donato Entry #3: Frustration Sets In... Again

    Mariann Donato Entry #3: Frustration Sets In... Again

    Frustration Sets In... Again My life is in limbo.....won't you please acknowledge my existence? I have been on the job hunt for a couple of years now and even after all this time there's something I still can't make sense of or wrap my brain around - the recruiter/executive search/headhunter relationship (or... Continue Reading

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