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  • Interview Tactic Employers Hate

    Interview Tactic Employers Hate

    I had never heard of an "informational interview" until I went through a job search workshop. The idea sounded great, though. The facilitator made sure we understood we were not to go in and ask if there were any jobs for us, but that we were to get information about the company, division, industry, key... Continue Reading

  • Five Interview Tricks That Will Give You a Competitive Edge

    Five Interview Tricks That Will Give You a Competitive Edge

    I often remind my clients that when they are interviewing for an open position, they are interviewing the employer as much as the employer is interviewing them. By paying attention to the subtle clues in the office environment, job seekers can gain a better perspective on the culture of the company or division... Continue Reading

  • I Interviewed at UPS

    I Interviewed at UPS

    I met with an HR rep from UPS at our local sorting warehouse the day of my interview. The office staff and warehouse workers were all incredibly friendly and welcoming. I was given a tour of the facility and offered refreshments. When the time came to do the actual interview, I was surprised at how laid back... Continue Reading