Are You Smart Enough To Be A Construction Worker?

Are You Smart Enough To Be A Construction Worker?

Feel the most comfortable with a tool belt strapped around your waist? Are HGTV and DIY your favorite TV channels? Do you love taking on repair or construction projects around the house (much to your family's chagrin)? If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, perhaps a career in construction or... Read More »

Are You Smart Enough To Be A Plumber?

Are You Smart Enough To Be A Plumber?

It's been called many things -- the loo, WC, the lavatory or simply, the toilet. Whatever you may call it, one thing is certain -- life would be pretty unbearable without it. When something goes awry with your porcelain throne, plumbers can be called in to fix the problem. But a plumber's job goes way beyond... Read More »

What's Your Work Style?

What's Your Work Style?

Are you in a job that suits you? How about your work environment? Is it one that allows you to shine for who you are and recognizes the unique contribution that only you can make? If you take your quest for job satisfaction seriously these are questions you might want to ask. Knowing a bit more about your... Read More »

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