Convenience Store Clerk Fights Off Spiderman

Convenience Store Clerk Fights Off Spiderman

JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina - A note to would-be crooks channeling their favorite superheroes: Just because you're wearing the mask, it doesn't mean you have super powers. Read More »

Even Spiderman Is Not Immune to Job Loss

Even Spiderman Is Not Immune to Job Loss

In the most recent issue of Marvel Comics', The Amazing Spiderman, Spiderman's alter ego, Peter Parker loses his job as a newspaper photographer. He doesn't just struggle to keep a roof over his head and pay his bills; he also has to manage Spiderman's expenses including "web fluid" and the costs of... Read More »

Spiderman Gets Downsized

Spiderman Gets Downsized

Even superheroes, and the stars who play them, are feeling blow back from the sluggish economy. Although the Spiderman franchise has made a whopping $2.5 billion so far, Sony Pictures wasn't willing to pony up the $300 million director Sam Raimi felt necessary to do the fourth installation justice. So Raimi left... Read More »

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