Sibling Rivalry

  • 7 Infamous Sibling Rivalries At Work

    7 Infamous Sibling Rivalries At Work

    One of Mark Zuckerberg's younger sisters, Arielle, recently launched a career in the tech world, at the advertising startup Wildfire. On Tuesday, Google announced it would be acquiring Wildfire, which means the two Zucks will be on either side of the greatest tech war of the 2010s. Randi, the eldest Zuckerberg... Continue Reading

  • Jobs and Birth Order

    Jobs and Birth Order

    Revised January, 2011 All men may be created equal; but a look at their pay stubs will tell you that their incomes are not. Blame it on social class, education -- even luck, but according to Dalton Conley, New York University professor of sociology and public policy, inequality begins at home. In his book... Continue Reading