• RezScore's 4 Favorite Resume Hacks

    RezScore's 4 Favorite Resume Hacks

    By Sean Weinberg Believe it or not, but the entire team at RezScore loves resumes. We love their usefulness, their flexible nature, and the fact a resume gets you hired. (Who doesn't love that?). Since we're all about resumes and we're just a smidge nerdy, we've naturally come up with our very own set of... Continue Reading

  • 4 Resume Myths We Don't Buy

    4 Resume Myths We Don't Buy

    By Gerrit Hall Writing your resume can be overwhelming. Between the first draft, the revisions, the second opinions, your computer crashing, and submitting a final draft, it's easy for the task to fall through the cracks. However, the job search should be fun, not like beating your head against a brick wall. Continue Reading

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