• One Typo You Should Have on Your Resume

    One Typo You Should Have on Your Resume

    I've frequently received mail from readers infuriated by the fact that many job seekers and career professionals write the word resume rather than résumé with the accent marks over the two "e's." The grammar police can be seen out in full force on some occasions, and some people seem to revel in... Continue Reading

  • Spring Cleaning for Your Resume

    Spring Cleaning for Your Resume

    For many, spring is a time of career renewal. Maybe it's the weather; maybe it's the fact that many people have just received their payout for last year's bonus and they are now ready to make a move. Whatever the reason, many people decide to spring clean their resume this time of year and embark on a job... Continue Reading

  • Are You Sabotaging Your Career?

    Are You Sabotaging Your Career?

    Everyone wants a good job, but few people take the time to manage and nurture their career -- and some even end up sabotaging their careers due to poor choices or inactivity. Now's a good time to do a self audit on what you do and do not do to manage your career effectively and decide where some improvements... Continue Reading

  • Five Quick Ways to Get Your Resume Tossed in the

    Five Quick Ways to Get Your Resume Tossed in the "No" Pile

    Submitting a resume to a recruiter or hiring manager is often the first step in building a relationship with an employer. Job seekers make decisions about what to add and omit from their resume in an effort to put their best foot forward and land an interview. But frequently, job seekers adopt a writing... Continue Reading

  • 10 Vital Resume Fixes

    10 Vital Resume Fixes You've been told enough times that your resume needs to be void of any typographical or grammatical errors that it's one area that you are actually confident about in your job search. Why, then, aren't you getting any response from the hundreds of resumes you have floating around in the... Continue Reading

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