Resume Lies

  • Lying to Get a Job

    Lying to Get a Job

    If you believe that the vast majority of people are basically honest, get ready to have your world rocked. Recent research shows that more than a third of all job seekers misrepresent themselves on their resumes, think lying is a great way to get a job, and naively believe that there is no way for... Continue Reading

  • Employers Are Not Gullible When it Comes to Your Resume

    Employers Are Not Gullible When it Comes to Your Resume

    Foolish fibs on your resume are considered full-out lies in the employment world. A resume is no place for stretching the truth, especially when it is an employer's first impression of you. Your resume is not the only indication of who you really are, and many of today's human resource professionals dig... Continue Reading

  • Five Biggest Resume Lies Exposed

    Five Biggest Resume Lies Exposed

    According to a survey done by Forensic Psychology, 31 percent reported lying on a resume. Research culled by Jobacle suggests that the number may be as high as 43 percent; the breakdown of resume fibs looks like this: Continue Reading

  • Infamous Resume Lies

    Infamous Resume Lies writer OK, while it's not quite a "crime" (more like a misdemeanor), resume lies -- and those who tell them -- don't fare well in the working world. Yet somehow, these seemingly harmless untruths are still making their way onto paper and into the hands of future employers. Although just... Continue Reading