Resume Examples

  • Retail Salesperson Resume Example

    Retail Salesperson Resume Example

    Mary was seeking a position in retail sales. Her experience working in a luxury retail environment and her ability to overcome objections to close a sale and exceed company expectations for sales performance was emphasized to position her as a top contributor in her field. A competency section was used to match... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Operations Manager

    Sample Resume: Operations Manager

    Strong resumes for operations professionals focus on proving how the candidate can save time and money and increase productivity. John's resume uses action-oriented language and strong accomplishments to demonstrate his ability to do all of these things successfully. Less content is dedicated to explaining job... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Accountant

    Sample Resume: Accountant

    Ben's resume showcases clear examples of how he did things smarter, faster, and more efficiently for his employers. Each bullet point focuses on success in core competency areas of accounting including bank reconciliation, fraud monitoring, and accounting software. In addition to the typical accounting skills,... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Building Manager

    Sample Resume: Building Manager

    Many blue collar workers have never needed a resume before. But as they apply for positions in today's market or if they are seeking a white collar job, the resume may become a necessity. For George's resume, we focused on his experience managing vendor and contractor teams and directing large-scale capital... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Electrician

    Sample Resume: Electrician

    Sam needed a resume he could use to apply for a prominent position on a local electricians board/association. He worked with Jill Grindle, President & Principal Resume Strategist of A Step Ahead Resume to document his career progression and accomplishments. Grindle used functional keywords in the areas of... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Account Manager

    Sample Resume: Account Manager

    Strong sales resumes showcase how you grow the business, keep the business, introduce new product, and keep your customers happy. I love writing resumes for sales professionals because frequently they work in organizations where performance metrics are tracked on a regular basis so they have a lot of good,... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Administrative Assistant

    Sample Resume: Administrative Assistant

    As an administrative assistant, Amy knew she would be competing against many other candidates with similar competencies. She needed a way to stand out from the sea of applicants who would be vying for the same positions. Through conversation with Amy, I learned that she had done much more than just the typical... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Customer Service Manager

    Sample Resume: Customer Service Manager

    This resume was submitted by Linda Dobogai of Aberlene Resume & Career Services. Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Customer Service Representative

    Sample Resume: Customer Service Representative

    As a customer service representative, Mary's performance was measured on a regular basis. Yet she never thought to showcase on her resume her ability to meet or exceed company expectations for customer service. By reviewing previous performance appraisals, monthly productivity reports, and a stack of thank you... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Elementary School Teacher to Principal

    Sample Resume: Elementary School Teacher to Principal

    Melissa Blaser* was targeting positions as an elementary school principal. She enlisted the help of Tracy M. Parish, president of CareerPlan, Inc. & Executive Career Solutions, to help land her dream job. Parish worked with Melissa to craft a compelling document with a clear value proposition, rather than... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Executive Assistant

    Sample Resume: Executive Assistant

    Ann managed all the day-to-day responsibilities of an executive assistant. But through my conversation with her I learned that she put in place multiple systems to make life easier for the team she supported. Her resume focuses on how she created efficiencies within the department that ultimately saved time and... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: General Manager

    Sample Resume: General Manager

    George's role as general manager was a mixture of operations and business development responsibilities. He was also quite tech-savvy and wanted that to come through in his resume. We broke out George's accomplishments into two main categories: one that showcased his operations knowledge and another that... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Road Construction Worker

    Sample Resume: Road Construction Worker

    John Blaine was seeking a position as an excavator. He turned to Bettie Biehn, President and Owner of Career Change Central for assistance. To best illustrate John's stories of success, Biehn separated out specific projects and listed project scope metrics, types of equipment used, and details on how the jobs... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: IT Manager

    Sample Resume: IT Manager

    Rodger Gonzales was looking for a new role as an IT Manager, but his resume was not leading to any interviews. He turned to Jennifer Hay, President of IT Resume Service, to help him create a resume that would help him get noticed. After interviewing Rodger and learning more about his background, Hay realized... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Plant Maintenance Manager

    Sample Resume: Plant Maintenance Manager

    Robert had farmed full-time most of his career. More recently he held a maintenance management position but the plant he worked for closed after he had been employed there for just one year. He wanted to find another maintenance position but was concerned that his limited experience in that environment would... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Sales Manager

    Sample Resume: Sales Manager

    As a sales professional, George's performance was measured on a regular basis. He had several examples of how he had exceeded company expectations and quotas and multiple awards to show how his performance ranked compared to his peers. This information was leveraged to create a strong set of metrics-driven,... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Operations Executive

    Sample Resume: Operations Executive

    Paul DeLuca was a Chief Operating Officer seeking a new position. His long career had all been in one industry and he was having trouble getting noticed by hiring managers in new sectors. He turned to Susan Barens of Career Dynamics to have his resume revamped. I spoke with Susan to learn more about how she... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Nurse

    Sample Resume: Nurse

    This resume was submitted by Linda Dobogai of Aberlene Resume & Career Services. Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Operations Manager

    Sample Resume: Operations Manager

    Cynthia wore many hats as the operations and office manager for this specialty foods distributor. A brief profile was included at the top to show her big picture value to employers. An areas of expertise section was included to make sure that the resume had all the right keywords to demonstrate her skill... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Physician Office Assistant

    Sample Resume: Physician Office Assistant

    Reba had never written a resume before. She has held two positions in the past 22 years and the one time she changed jobs during that period, she found out about the physician office assistant position by word-of-mouth and she didn't need a resume to apply. Reba was unsure as to how to discuss anything other... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Residential Sales and Management

    Sample Resume: Residential Sales and Management

    Randy had a strong record of achievement that was well documented. By reviewing his monthly sales numbers and productivity awards we were able to put together a resume that proved he was a top performer in his field. Sales professionals in general, can build powerful resumes by showing how well they perform... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: Auto Sales & Servicing

    Sample Resume: Auto Sales & Servicing

    John's original resume listed several of his automotive service job tasks which included interacting with customers, overseeing a team of mechanics, and processing warranties. His resume looked pretty "vanilla" and similar to so many others who do customer-facing and administrative work. When I spoke to John, I... Continue Reading

  • Sample Resume: IT Project Manager

    Sample Resume: IT Project Manager

    Over my career I have come into contact with thousands of people who do great things at work every day. But you would never know it if you looked at their resumes. People can usually articulate what they do, but they generally don't convey why what they do is important or who derives value from their actions.... Continue Reading

  • Real-Life Resume Makeovers

    Real-Life Resume Makeovers

    Extreme makeovers are all the rage these days, and people everywhere are flocking to make over their hair, their makeup, their wardrobes and even their homes. But while getting a hot new haircut can turn heads on the weekends, some people should be getting resume makeovers to give them a boost in their... Continue Reading