• Don't Burn Bridges Anymore: Quitting Your Job Gracefully

    Don't Burn Bridges Anymore: Quitting Your Job Gracefully

    By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Ask anyone who has ever been involved in a play, and they'll tell you the importance of knowing which side of the stage to exit. Heading off in the wrong direction could have you coming face-to-face with actors trying to enter the stage or heading to a fictional location... Continue Reading

  • Outrageous Ways to Say 'I Quit'

    Outrageous Ways to Say 'I Quit'

    If you've ever had a job you despised so much it hurt, then take heart. You are not alone! And every so often, when the time is just right, you might just find an outrageous way to say "I Quit!" But beware, sometimes quitting in a flamboyant manner can backfire, as our first author ruefully remembers. Continue Reading

  • Worst Ways to Quit

    Worst Ways to Quit

    By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer In workplace scuffles, employees aren't always the innocents. NEW YORK -- When it comes to treating people poorly in the workplace, the company isn't always the guilty party. Employees can do plenty to mistreat their bosses and colleagues, especially when they quit.... Continue Reading