• America's Last Recession-Proof Job?

    America's Last Recession-Proof Job?

    By Melanie Hicken, BusinessInsider Shopping at Whole Foods on a recent Sunday afternoon, Lisa Ronis spotted the perfect additions to her business's inventory. But Ronis was not a chef scouting fresh produce or a sommelier seeking a rare Chardonnay. As a professional matchmaker, Ronis had her eye set on... Continue Reading

  • 10 Recession-Proof Jobs That Are Hot Right Now [Infographic]

    10 Recession-Proof Jobs That Are Hot Right Now [Infographic]

    Very few industries seem to be hiring in this economy, beyond the much-hyped tech sector. However, there are careers -- many of them that pay well -- that are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years. Not surprisingly, many of the 10 jobs highlighted in the graphic below involve health care... Continue Reading

  • How to Find a Recession-Proof Career

    How to Find a Recession-Proof Career

    Anyone who has been laid off from a dying industry and has been to a jobs center to look for work knows where the jobs are -- health care, education, government, the defense industry, and green jobs. The problem is figuring out how to transfer your skills to a recession-proof career and land a job. Career coach... Continue Reading