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Smaller Paychecks Coming -- Bosses Say, Don't Blame Us

Smaller Paychecks Coming -- Bosses Say, Don't Blame Us

By Jose Pagliery Everyone's paycheck is about to take a hit, and it's not the boss's fault. But some business owners say it's a tough talk to have. The rate of workers' payroll taxes, which fund Social Security, has been 4.2 percent for the past two years. As of Jan. 1, it's back to 6.2 percent, on the first... Read More »

Can Tax Reform Create Jobs?

Can Tax Reform Create Jobs?

There is perhaps nothing so politically fraught in this country as taxes. The size of government, the purpose of society, human freedom -- taxation brings up some heavy stuff. Our country was founded thanks to taxes, after all. So naturally, in the political debate over our jobs crisis, taxes has become a... Read More »

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